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Tips on How to Survive Nanny Surveillance

Jul 24, 2008
In your work as nanny, you will experience the growing trend towards a nanny surveillance state. It is a fact that you need to accept with empathy because if you were in the parents' place, you would probably install a nanny surveillance system, too. With empathy in mind, you can better adopt these tips on how to survive work surveillance.

Be Direct

You have the right to ask your employers to limit the hidden spy cameras to common areas like the living room, dining room, kitchen, family den, laundry area, bedrooms used by the family, and the yard. At no instance are spy cameras allowed in your bedroom (if you are a live-in nanny) and the bathrooms. This is for the protection of your privacy, which you have every right to demand.

This will serve notice to your employers that you know and accept nanny surveillance, but only to a limited extent. You have to be very clear on this point.

Set Agreements

As a nanny, you need to discuss with your employers matters related to child discipline and routine, childcare duties like feeding, school activities, and recreation. Be as specific as possible to avoid misunderstandings and take down notes, if possible.

You can always refer to the agreements set on that first meeting when issues come up. Even with hidden spy cameras on your employers' side, you can reference their concerns against previous agreements.

Know That It Works Both Ways

The nanny surveillance system can be used to your advantage, too. You can actually use video footages to prove your point, discuss child-rearing methods, and come up with solutions to problems. Think about the movie "The Nanny Diaries" and you get the drift.

For example, in cases where parents dispute your claims about a child behaving negatively, you can gently direct them to video footages of the time in question. Pictures speak a thousand words and moving pictures speak a thousand more.

Also, you will feel more secure knowing that the parents are watching via spy cameras. It will be like feeling you have security detail to watch for any untoward activity like break-ins and fires. Indeed, having a Big Brother has its advantages!

Be Confident About Your Capabilities

You have to be self-assured and confident about your nanny abilities. The children and parents can sense if you are not, which does not bode well for your longevity on the job. Try to stay calm, cool and collected most of the time, even if you do not feel like it.

When you are confident, even the best surveillance system turned 24/7 will not deter you in competently performing your nanny duties. You will just breeze through your work and forget that spy cameras are there to monitor every breath you take.

Build Mutual Trust

Do not expect to build mutual trust within the first few weeks. Though you can earn a child's trust easily enough, the parents' trust is another matter. However, the fact that you were employed says a lot about the initial level of trust that you can build on. Go slowly but surely.

Once you have mutual trust and respect, the nanny surveillance system will be rendered moot and academic. It will be perceived as a symbol of distrust that should be taken down to give way for trust.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to tackle the pervasive nanny surveillance state with flying colors!
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