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Using Content Sharing Sites with Network Marketing

Jul 24, 2008
If you're having trouble generating web traffic on your website, there are some tricks that you should know. A great way to drive traffic to your network marketing company's website is the use of content sharing sites. If you don't know how to use content sharing sites with network marketing, then here are a few starter hints, as well as some other advice about advertising your network marketing company.

Content sharing sites cover a wide range of services. Some are video, audio and photo-based sites, while others focus on the written word. Content sharing sites can be beneficial to a network marketing business in several ways. Many sites offer the ability to write blogs. The word blog is short for web log, which is basically a journal. A blog can contain personal experiences or opinions, but for network marketing purposes a blog should contain business-related information. It doesn't always have to be directly about business, but it should contain at least a clever connection to your business. For example, if you're writing about a movie you saw last weekend, be sure to tie it in somehow to your network marketing website. There is a clever way to drive traffic to your site using a blog.

Anchor text can be used to link your readers to your website. Anchor text is the set of words in a sentence or phrase that activates a hyperlink. A hyperlink redirects readers to another site when they click on it. The anchor text is often a different color than the rest of the text, usually blue. When a reader clicks on the appropriate words, a new window pops up, redirecting them to your site. This is a great way to bring traffic to your site, especially in network marketing.

Your can create your own content sharing site and sell space on it in order to drive traffic to your business website. Others purchase the use of your site in order to join your affiliate marketing team. Then they link to you in their blogs, while you link to them as well. This way you drive traffic between you and your affiliates, increasing the chances of monetization.

Avoid using pay-per-click advertising for these websites. Search engines aren't fond of this technique, since many pay-per-click sites end up being informational portals instead of useful websites. Many of these sites are also generic replicas of each other. Duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines as well. Internet clutter is best when avoided.

The easiest way to monetize using content sharing is with the aforementioned affiliate links. You meet other network marketing entrepreneurs and help each other out by allowing links to each other's sites. Products and services are bought and sold, and knowledge is shared with a nice monetary exchange.

With a little help from your network marketing friends and a nice content sharing site, you can maximize web traffic and monetization. Learn the simple art of the hyperlink, and avoid spammy, generic pay-per-click advertising sites. Keep your integrity high and you'll make a nice profit in network marketing. Keep your friends close, since the key word is networking.
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Content sharing sites are an excellent way of generating web traffic to a website purchased from your network marketing company.Avoid using pay per click advertising for this purpose.Erik Gifford,a network marketing internet attraction marketing coach has posted a free article at network marketing guidance.
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