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Are Joint Ventures a Good Way to Increase Traffic?

Jul 24, 2008
The idea of a joint venture to build your traffic and business is an appealing one, but is it actually something that works, or just an idea that certain marketers use to promote their own products..?

If you are interested in more traffic for your site, you will probably be on the mailing list of several internet marketers.

This is no surprise, as they are very adept at gathering big lists of people wanting to make money online.

One thing you will hear a lot of them talk about is the Joint Venture, or JV, where you work with a partner, both bringing something to the table, to produce the end result of a product and good campaign.

All well and good, but the more of these email lists you join, the more you seem to notice that they promote each other's products.

Marketer A will tell you that he 'got on the phone to Marketer B' who told him about his latest secret, and they agreed to share it.

Then you'll read that Marketer B has 'got off the phone' with Marketer C *and* Marketer A, and the 3 of them have got a deal which you must get in on.

This immediately creates an impression of an insiders club, where the only people with access to talk these marketers is the same marketers themselves.

However, this should put you off the idea of Joint Ventures for 2 massive reasons...

Firstly, in the emails I mentioned above, although the marketers may well be talking to each other and promoting each other's products, most of the time they are not actually creating anything together.

This is an important difference, as it means that Marketer A is an affiliate for Marketer B and vice versa.
That may seem like a joint venture, but in fact it's just effective affiliate selling, it is *not* strictly speaking a Joint Venture.

The other thing about these marketers, is that they are experts in the field of internet marketing, they are not experts in niche subjects.

Take dentistry for example, the big internet marketing names will not be experts on it, but they will know full well how profitable the dentistry market can be.

This means that if you can create a genuinely valuable product for the dentistry world, not only will the internet marketers be interested they'll probably be falling over themselves to get to you first!

This is because they can do a genuine joint venture with you, where they will use the skills and knowledge to create the product in a form that they know will sell, and make money for both them and you.

After the money has been made, they will then use your story to promote themselves, and use it to create another product to sell.

You will be profiting from this too, so it's a double whammy.

That's why the big internet marketers *are* approachable for JVs, it's just that they shouldn't be about internet marketing itself, as they already have the knowledge and contacts themselves in that field.
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