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How To Develop Lasting Relationships With Customers Inexpensively

Jul 24, 2008
If you want to have a successful business, customers are the key ingredient. Building relationships with them is how you are going to get them coming back to your over and over again. When thinking about your relationships with your costumers you have to focus on giving. I am going to give you some creative ideas which will help foster that relationship and I recommend you write them down. Remember all of these ideas will have the focus of giving.

Whatever I am involved in, from writing articles, blogs, newsletter, conducting teleseminars or creating products and services, I am always trying to provide you with as much valuable information as I can. Just like your focus should be at all times, mine is to firstly, build a relationship with you.

What would you be able to really do for them is you are on a tight budget?

Firstly, develop an online newsletter.

I used to publish a newsletter once a month, called Insider Ideas, which people could (and still can) sign up completely free. Within each of those newsletters I try to provide as much information as I can, so they usually end up being 15 to 20 pages long. Of course, this takes a long time to put together, but I want to ensure that my customers are always feeling like they are getting more information then they expected. Customers of my newsletter continually send me testimonials explaining how grateful they are for the amount of value I put into each newsletter.

A second option, which I actually use now instead of a newsletter is developing a blog. If you are new to the blogging world, they are basically an online journal. What is great about a blog is you can use it a variety of way. It has given me the ability to use my blog as a platform from my online newsletter. What is even better about this is that the entries don't have to be nearly as long and it is a lot easier to keep in contact with your customer base more frequently.

Another great thing about blogs is that they can be done for free by using sites like Wordpress and Blogger. Beginners to experts can use these sites, customize your blogs to fit your needs and image, for a very cheap price - free!

If you would like to see an example of one of my blogs you can go to myideaguy.com and sign up for free.

By viewing it you'll see a great example of how to develop an online newsletter or blog and provide your customers with tons of valuable information.

Another way you can develop relationships with your customers is by providing teleseminars. But you've got to focus on one thing: providing high-value content that people can take away and get something from.

Nobody wants to be on call that is boring and where they can easily loose interest. You have to be able to keep your callers engaged and make the call fun to listen to. Sometimes on my calls I do things like hold a contest to keep the listeners engaged.

On a few of my teleseminars I've had all sorts of contests to keep people active and interested. From everything like testimonial contests, creative idea contests to contests to name products and services I've created. Whenever your doing teleseminars you have to make sure you keep it fun and interesting while providing content-rich material. Keep the focus: Give as much as you can.

So there you have it. These are a few great (not to mention cost effective) ways to develop a better relationship with your customers and potential customers.
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