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Increase Online Traffic Using A FREE Web Log

Jul 24, 2008
If you have a website online or merely just browsing the Internet you'll either need traffic or, guess what? You are the traffic others are waiting for. So what is traffic? Just imagine the Internet as a major Freeway; the lanes on the freeway are different networks people are using.

One lane could be Comcast, MSN, AOL, Qwest; these are all lanes on the highway. Imagine the cars as millions of people traveling down the highway. Now guess what the exits are? Websites or weblogs! And guess what your desired goal should be? To get as many cars to YOUR exit as possible.

I'm going to show you how to increase online traffic FREE. Meaning as in the example above; show you how to make your exit shine brighter than all other exits. Drawling vehicles to your exit. If you're not familiar with a technique called "keyword optimization" you can spend major dollars alone doing this.

I'm not claiming to know everything or to be the only one with the Holy Grail on how to increase online traffic. But I will show you a simple nontechnological technique to draw FREE targeted prospects to your website. I will keep this short and simple due to time limitations I leave my contact information for more detailed questions.

I want you to know I'm gearing all my information to affiliate products because this is what I prefer to sale. Because with affiliate products there is usually no startup costs. You also receive a free affiliate link from the owner of the product. I usually sale affiliate products from clickBank.com in your spare time check them out it's worth it!

If you have a large advertising budget, it's okay to purchase paid advertising. But this is normally not the case for the beginner affiliate marketer. You see saving time and money is the main objective of the affiliate marketer. Our goal is to advertise effectively for free.

Now unless you want to spend money on pay-per-click advertising? Which is very effective by the way. For more information with pay per click, visit (adwords.google.com or enhance.com) but for free traffic you'll need a plan, first of all.

Now your plan should begin with the proper (keywords) for the product you're trying to sale. Example: if you're selling apples your main or primary keyword should be apples. But this keyword is too general meaning competitive. Because there are literally thousands of people selling apples online. As a beginner you must work your way to the top.

Climbing from the bottom to the top should be your goal when competing for keywords in your particular market. By targeting keywords with 3 or more words describing (apples) is far more effective. Example: (red shiny little Apple) is more effective than the word (apples).

There are free tools available online that will give you the exact keywords people are using when looking for your product. Freekeywords.wordtracker.com has a free keyword tool that can help increase online traffic to your website. With this tool you can see exactly what people are typing in the Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Alexa search engines.

Or simply type the words "free keyword tools" in any available search engine. Using these tools type in the name of the product you're selling to see what keywords people are using to locate your product. Then analyze these keywords starting from the BOTTOM.

These phrases consisting of 3 or more words are called (Long tail keywords). Remember to increase online traffic your success involves the effective use of "long tail keywords". For a in-depth understanding of effective keyword use visit: goodkeywords.com they have a great free keyword tool available to you.

Once you have found the right keywords for your affiliate product, now let's change our affiliate website link to match the keyword we've chosen. Remember in our early example: Apples is your primary keyword, and (Little red shiny Apple) is your Long tail keyword.

Remember affiliate website links don't look pretty because there are payment code's embedded in the link. Example: my ClickBank.com affiliate link looks like this:http://candyc77.apples.hop.clickbank.net my paid code identifier is candyc77. This doesn't look good. But to get paid I need this link!

To make this link more pleasing to the viewers of your website you need to change this link to something more pleasant. By visiting the website http://www.shorturl.com you can get a shorter more pleasant looking affiliate link like this: Apples.2fortune.com for around $1.88 a year.

Now with your effective list of longtail keywords and your new pleasant looking affiliate link. Let's increased online traffic with a Web log, better known as a blog. Go to www.blogger.com or WordPress.com and get your FREE weblog.

I don't have time to explain the awesome advantages of using a Web blog instead of a website promote your affiliate products. The RSS feed advantages are tremendous and you can learn more at whatever Web blog site you choose to join above.

RSS feed is already installed in your free Web log which will help you rank higher in the search engines for visitors to your site. Now plug in your affiliate link along with a brief description of your product using your primary, secondary and longtail keywords.

Remember to target your longtailed keywords beginning at the BOTTOM and working your way to the top using your keyword search tools. In the above example your primary keyword was apples; which is to competitive even though it identifies your product. "Candy apples" your secondary keyword is still to competitive in the beginning. To increase online traffic you must use longtail keywords which are less competitive in the beginning.

As I stated earlier (Long tail keywords) are phrases with 3 or more words in the phrase. You have a smaller audience using Long tail keywords; but this is where you start for free search engine traffic.

Now with the pleasing URL: Apples.2fortune.com you received from the website: http://www.shorturl.com which disguises your ugly affiliate website link: http://candyc77.apples.hop.clickbank.net which is now plugged into your new weblog. In your blog, describe your affiliate product using your longtail keywords. You will have the competitive edge to increase online traffic using a Web blog, a .com website URL, and long tail keywords.

Now if you really want to increase online traffic once your web blog is up and working and you are making posts daily or weekly. Visit: http://www.technorati.com this website keeps track of ALL web blog's. By clicking on blog on their website you can view the blog's that are related to yours. Learning from others is always an advantage. Don't forget the homework of studying the above websites I gave you.

http://www.technorati.com this site keeps track of all Web blog's, simply search their directory for your particular market and see what others are doing. By following these simple procedures you will certainly increase targeted website traffic. Remember use a Web blog NOT just the affiliate website. Also use longtail keywords to gain the advantage of free online traffic.
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