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International Moving Information for Moving to Belgium

Jul 24, 2008
Gothic cathedrals, medieval castles and cobblestone streets dot the landscape in Belgium, a country the size of a small American state. As your international moving company packs your belongings and prepares an inventory list for customs you should take some time and research the country you are relocating to.

International moving is an experience like no other that you are likely to go through. The process of moving across a border into a country where the language, culture, currency and customs are all completely different from where you come from can be intimidating and exhilarating all at the same time. An international moving company can assist you in many ways and provide you some information but you'll most likely need to do a little studying on your own.

The first step in international moving is to find out what language is spoken and learn some basic phrases to get you through simple tasks like ordering food and shopping. In Belgium, a country at the crossroads of Europe, you will hear a mixture of Dutch, French and English. Belgium is the home to the European Union and is fairly cosmopolitan so finding someone who speaks your language should not be difficult.

Regardless of what language they may speak, the residents of Belgium all enjoy a good meal. A few of the local dishes you should try after you complete your international moving trip are waterzooi (fish or chicken stew with a parsley-and-cream sauce), stoemp (puree of vegetables and potatoes with sausage, steak or chops), and lapin a la gueuze (rabbit with a Brussels beer sauce). Be sure to also try a mug of beer and a bite or two of one of Belgium's three hundred craft cheeses.

International moving to any country can be difficult, stressful and a more than a little scary. The culture, the language, the transportation system, the food and even the smell of the air is new and different. It's helpful to have as much information as possible before you reach your destination. Your moving company can assist you with this. An international moving company can provide you with information on fees and taxes, pack your belongings for you, and tell you where services such as internet and post offices can be found.

If your international moving journey originates in America, the United States Embassy in Brussels is located at bd, du Regent 25-27. Make it a point to know where your embassy is when you move, even if you plan on applying for citizenship in your new country. The country code for telephone calls is 32 and there is a value added tax on hotel and restaurant bills, so be prepared to pay more than the advertised price. A service charge is already included in the price of a meal at restaurants so if you choose to tip don't make it more than five or ten percent. Smoking is allowed and common in most restaurants and people generally take their time with a meal so be prepared for long waits and lots of secondhand smoke.
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