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The Key To Building A Successful Email Marketing Sales Funnel

Jul 24, 2008
If you're not new to internet marketing, you've probably heard the phrase "the money's in the list" many times before. While this statement can be true-- building an email list that you market to can be your biggest asset-- it's not always the case. To make big money with your email list, you need to know how to build a powerful sales funnel.

If you lack this skill, you won't really be able to make any real money with your list.

Many people try to improvise, randomly testing to see how their list responds to their various tactics. This is a bad move. Learn from someone who's been there and done it. You'll save yourself enormous amounts of heartache and stress.

So, let's take a look at the keys to building a strong sales funnel, capable of converting the same customers again and again.

Before you can make any sales funnel work, you need to build up a certain level of trust with your prospects. They need to see clearly that you offer value and are trustworthy. This is best accomplished by giving them free information about their subject of interest. Make yourself the expert and people will respect and trust you.

Start off by making small offers to your list. Perhaps an ebook for $37 or a cd or video for $39. Make sure this initial product is of very high quality. You want them to be very happy with it.

Now send them more free stuff. A free report, a quick video or audio, a tip or trick, whatever. By giving away free things on a regular basis, people will continue reading your messages fully. If you only send offers of one kind or another, they'll stop reading your emails.

Now it's time to go out and find other highly related products and services to add to your funnel. These can get progressively more expensive as the trust grows between you and your list. Find as many products as you can that directly relate to your niches interests.

Now, keep staggering offers with free information. Send out one or two helpful informative and rapport building messages to every offer. Keep going like this to produce maximum beneficial effects.

Pretty easy huh? It's not rocket science but it works like crazy. You can use the above formula to create sale funnel after sales funnel.

Always remember, the real profits are on the backend!
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