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A Review of the IMAN Beauty Income Opportunity

Jul 24, 2008
IMAN has a cosmetics and skin care product for women of color, especially for African-American women. African-American women have such a broad range of skin tones that finding the right shades of color are difficult to do. For this reason, Iman Beauty has come up with a wide range of colors, sand, earth and clay foundation colors. They provide a broad variety of formulas as well.

Iman is the Founder and CEO of IMAN Beauty. It is actually the first company to create cosmetics and skin care designed for all women of color. She launched the company in 1994 with the philosophy that women of color represent many races, cultures and ethnicities.

IMAN is a career supermodel and needed just the right colors of cosmetics for her skin tones, that would accent and highlight her natural skin tones. She has come up with formulas that worked for her perfectly. But she has done the work for you; she has provided the perfect colors without all the work for you, the customer.

Iman Beauty is sold in a network marketing business through a marketing company called Color Me Beautiful. They offer you the opportunity to bring these beautiful cosmetics to every woman of color throughout the world. This product is well established and in demand. Color Me Beautiful provides you the opportunity to earn a great income through selling this product.

They offer a way for you to grow in your business while having ongoing training and working with other successful leaders in the company. You will be able to learn from leading distributors of the finest cosmetics on the market.

This company offers a way for you to learn to set goals, how to sell and organize yourself and your life and other skills that are valuable to running your own business successfully. You will have the opportunity to make friends for life in your new career. You will be able to touch and change the lives of your clients while building your own career and enhancing your own life.

They offer as much as a 61% profit, the best in the industry when you carry inventory with you. This provides maximum client satisfaction because you are able to give them the products immediately. So many really don't want to wait for shipment to get their product. They usually don't reorder till they are about out of their current supply, or if they are ordering for the first time; they like to have it and start using it right away.

If you choose to use the non-inventory, the At Your Service program that deals with direct shipments directly to you clients, you are able to earn 40% profit.

The company claims that earnings for an Executive Consultant can be as much as $1420, Executive Manager $1930, Director $4205 and Vice President $10,100. How would you like to drive a Mercedes Benz? Or would you like to take a cruise to exotic locations? What about winning beautiful jewelry and other valuable prizes? They say that you can have all of this and more with this company. By selling a product that is coveted and wanted by women all over the world.

These are all the things this company offers and promises if you are willing to commit yourself and your time. They want you to make this a lifetime career. But before you do, find out exactly what their marketing plan is. While doing this research, I was not able to find any definite information on their network-marketing plan. I was only able to find just the information and some pie in the sky promises

I wish you the best in your search for the right tool to living your dream. It is not an easy task, there is so much to learn and research. The odds are against you, sad to say. Network marketing odds are a failure rate of 90%. I hope you will be the 10% that succeeds.
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