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Off Base" Marketing Lesson To Pulling In High-Paying Clients

Jul 24, 2008
As 'stupid' as it may sound, the worst thing you can do to attract the maximum number of high-paying clients is to advertise to SELL your services.

Why so? Because selling your services - is a sequential process.

Listen, trying to sell your services right from your advertisement is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. What then should you do?

The answer is simple:

You should use a concept that's referred to as educational based marketing. Which is 180 degree u-turn on conventional marketing and selling.

Here's the basics of how educational based marketing works:

In your advertisement (whether offline or online) - instead of promoting your services - you advertise what's called a 'lead generation tool.' An example of a lead generation tool is a free educational report.

Here are 3 reasons why an educational based free report is so powerful:

1). It 'screens and sorts' your prospects and qualifies / disqualifies all the time-wasters before you decide to speak with them on the phone or meet with them in person.

2). The report tips the buying criteria in your favour - without you overtly selling yourself or your services.

3). Perhaps the most important thing is - the free educational report will establish you as the expert and 'good guy or girl' in your industry. In other words - you'll be seen by a prospect as a trusted advisor instead of a slimey salesman.

Which is extremely important. Because look:

All things being equal, people won't buy from you unless they perceive you as a trustworthy expert.

So the lesson is to put together a free educational based report you can promote in your ads (online and offline) to build your prospect list and watch your sales soar.

Michael L. Silk.
About the Author
About the author: Michael Silk is an in-demand marketing strategist and direct response copywriter. For Michael's free book on how to get more clients visit his website at www.MichaelSilk.com. You have permission to reprint this entire article.
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