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Create a High Converting Squeeze Page With Audio

Jul 24, 2008
People are generally very tired of the same old, boring squeeze page. Have you found that your squeeze page is not giving you the results you intended in regards to your list building strategy? If so, it may be that people are tired of reading all the time and need a break. Try adding audio, along with the other important elements to make a real impact.

By simply adding a short audio clip to your squeeze page, you can break away from the droning act of reading non-stop to get to the point. You can highlight key elements of your product or services with just a microphone and your computer. Who would have thought that a voice can make all of the difference in the world?

Maybe you did not think so, but it really can. People love it when they can associate a real person with a website. It gives them the sense that there is actually someone behind the scenes and allows them to almost interact with you. When they can sense that someone is actually there and speaking directly to them, they are more apt to give you their name and email address, which helps in your list building goals.

It is not difficult to create an audio clip for your squeeze page, in fact, it is really very easy. A microphone for your computer is all you need and a software program for recording and you are ready to go. In many cases, the software you need is already available on your computer.

Before you create your audio, first create a script. Make it personal, write down what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. After writing the script, edit it to ensure that it is short and sweet. Remember, you are combating time here, you do not have long to reel them in. When you record, keep the voice friendly but not sickening sweet. You are a real person, so you want to speak like you are a real person and talking to your new best friend.

In fact, use a little humor, laughter can go a long way on your squeeze page. Your visitors will feel like you are their friend and are more apt to help you in list building by giving you their name and email address.

As you can see, something as simple as audio can really help you in creating a high converting squeeze page.
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