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The NAA Exclusive Life Insurance Lead Program Gets You In Front Of More Clients

Jul 24, 2008
The key to any successful marketing campaign in the life insurance business is to be able to identify a client who has a problem on their mind that you can solve for. In order to earn a high income in the sale of life insurance an agent must be able to get in front of the right kind of people with the right message consistently.

One way to tackle the life insurance sale is to present it as a mortgage protection concept. Using a lead system to contact people who purchased a home or refinanced their mortgage is a simple way to market the mortgage protection solution. This mortgage data is filed at county courthouses on a regular basis. This data is available to contact by phone or by mail in order to prompt a client interest and response. This innovative life insurance lead system is an insurance agent's dream.

If a homeowner is interested in the letter it should include information for them to fill in such as their health status, whether they smoke or not, their date of birth, home, work, and cell numbers, who to ask for and best time to call. These potential clients want to see you as a result and are expecting your call. These types of clients essentially come to you prequalified since they replied to a letter or phone solicitation. As a result you are able have control more easily in the meeting by being assumptive in approaching the client.

This is the ultimate leverage in insurance sales. To have a marketing system that delivers a prospect to an agent who has identified a problem in their own mind is the key ingredient to achieving success in insurance sales today. As a result agents can approach the client more so as a problem solver or a field underwriter. They do this in a very casual but professional way, relaxed: no suits, no ties, no dresses or heels, just a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt. There's no need for heavy sales tactics, the client has already responded with interest!

Essentially an agent in this market can present a variety of life insurance products to solve a mortgage protection need for a homeowner. It is much easier to interest a potential client in an insurance product when it solves a mortgage protection need. The concern they have is this: what would they do if one of the wage earners in the household died or were disabled? How would they pay the mortgage? Do they care? What is the solution? The solution is a mortgage protection plan. A client response lead along with a matching mortgage protection program is a recipe for success in the insurance business.

A major negative in the insurance business for agents today is that they have to hunt for leads or spend all their time prospecting for clients instead of sitting in front of them. This approach reinforces the old 'push and sell' mentality versus the 'pull and attract' approach in insurance sales. The power of a response lead is that you are replying to the client inquiry to find out what is on their mind, why did they send the lead in? Psychologically this enables the agent to be in control using an assumptive sales approach. That is the magic of the mortgage response lead system.
Typically, most leads provided by the big insurance companies are coming from a data vendor whose lead generation systems are designed to profit from lead distribution. They sell the same lead to as many agents as possible to make a profit. By contrast a company that owns their own lead generation system profits from paid commissions not the leads. That is the best option for quality leads for agents in today's market.
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We provide sales leads to our agents. These leads are returned by a homeowner in their own handwriting. This allows the agent to spend most of their time selling versus prospecting. Go to www.powerfulinsurancesales.com for more information.
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