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Not Another Button In The Crowd

Jul 24, 2008
It seems like everybody is auctioning off items they own on eBay, hoping they can get a great price for them. If you're eager to get some old buttons off your hands for the best price possible, here are some tips on how to make your auction stand out from the rest.

Picture perfect.

First off, if your antique buttons aren't photographed for your auction, then you can just give up from the start. Visuals will say more than big blocks of text and they are what will sell your items!

Search engines are your friend

If you want to allure potential buyers to your auction, then make sure the text you use is riddled with keywords that people might type into search engines! For example, if you're selling Civil War buttons, then use different combinations of those words... Civil War buttons, buttons from the Civil War era, etc, in your product title and description.

Don't take your time.

The shorter your auction is, the better. This means that your auction will rise to the top as people browse for collectible buttons.

Upgrade your listing

If you have some money to throw around, you can pay for eBay to feature your auction more prominently. For example, maybe you want the title of your auction to be in big bold letters or you want the picture of your for-sell buttons to be showcased on the listings page not just on the page for the product. You can also buy more room for text, borders, and other nifty features through eBay. If you're only selling low-cost buttons, then this might not be worth it. However, for higher priced items, it's a great idea.

Advertise your auction in as many places as possible
Make fliers, post on message boards about collecting buttons, etc.

Study other similar auctions and don't copy them!
If all the pictures of buttons look the same, then take a snapshot that's equally effective but at the same time, looks different. Find out what the common wording for buttons are, and unless you're maximizing search engine results, liven up and freshen your text so buyers are more interested in what you have to say and sell. It's okay to be humorous and different in your auction and in fact, as long as you're professional and trustworthy, it will benefit you.
These are just some tips for making your auction of buttons stand out from the rest. Make sure to look into eBay's other features and more than anything, open up your mind; the more creative you are, the better!
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