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4 Reasons Why You Need Back-End Marketing For Your Business

Jul 24, 2008
You are leaving money on the table if you have not adopted backend marketing in your business. Your competitors are looking at your back and can easily take over your business share if you don;t change fast.

I will only limit to four reasons in this article to illustrate why you need back end strategies. But do look further than the list below:

1. It is much easier to sell a second product to your existing customers than it is to get a new customer onbroad. It is estimated that the success rate to sell an additional product to your existing customers is at least 8 times more easier than selling to a unknown prospect. Do a favor to your business; start thinking how you can better serve your customers by selling more products.

2. Your existing customers are more inclined to do more business with you than some complete strangers. They know you and have used your products or services before. The know that you are a reliable internet marketer who has value to provide. This is why you should consider giving them more products, rather than to some people that you don't know. Your conversion rate will be better.

3. Offering more backend products to your existing customers will build trust with them, which enable you to provide more products to them in the future, once they have experienced success with your offering. Being a successful marketer, it is all about serving your customers better with more tailor-made products or services in a form of solution, but then it's outside of the scope of this article.

4. Offering huge discounts via your backend products provides you a good opportunity which re-engages your previous customers. You may not realize, but inactive customers are your best prospects. Though they might not be buying from you recently, but if they purchase from you before, they are just an email or phone call away from purchasing from you again.

And there you have it: four concrete reasons why you should use more back-end marketing. If you didn't know these before you read the article, you have probably quickly identified them as good reasons for using back-end marketing.

As a matter of fact, no business should consider selling unless they have some types of continuity or backend products in place, because it takes time, money and effort to get your first customer, no matter it's online or offline.
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