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Learn to Speak German: The Benefits of Being Bi-Lingual

Jul 24, 2008
In a world where technology reins it is getting easier and easier to be connected with all sorts of cultures, countries and languages. With a simple email you be connected to someone on the other side of the world in minutes. It is not uncommon for businesses to become international or to get their resources from another country. No matter how proud we are of the English language we can never believe that it will get all the resources that will be most beneficial to us.

Imagine for a minute that you were the owner of a business and you wanted to gain access to some German information files so that you could provide those to your customers. You weren't sure how you were going to strike up that deal with a German country because you only knew English. Then along came a person applying for a position who was fluent in German, how much more likely would you be to hire them even if they are not as qualified as others for the position. My bet is you would jump on the chance to hire them because their language skills is going to help your business grow.

Now imagine that you are that person the boss interviewed. You got the job you wanted because your knowledge of German blew every other skill that your competition had, out of the water. You out did everyone because you spoke German. Who knew that one skill could prove to be so beneficial. Learning German is quite a task to take on but once you've learned it it can serve your whole life through. Knowing another language opens you up to a whole other world of resources.

Another benefit of learning another language is it opens up a whole new country of travel. You can still visit Germany if you don't know German but how much more will you enjoy it if you can go off the beaten path of the tourists. You can experience parts of the country that is otherwise closed to those who can't communicate with the natives.

Being bi-lingual can make you more employable, broadens the places you can travel and just makes you look smarter. How cool is it when you can just rattle off in another language. People will assuredly be impressed by the skill you've gained. German is closely tied to English so you will probably find it pretty easy to learn. Just remember to practice and you'll be speaking before you know it.
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Bart Icles loves the power of learning another language. He recommends that you Learn to Speak German, it is closely related to English and is fun to know not to mention useful.
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