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Buying A HDTV - What To Do?

Jul 24, 2008
We can either be uninformed consumers or we can be informed consumers when buying a HDTV set. There is nothing wrong with the first, but by being an informed consumer when buying a HDTV, you will find that you save more, you are richer, and you also get a better deal.

There are several parts to this process of becoming an informed HDTV buyer. You don't have to go through all of them, however, by doing so; you will definitely be a savvy shopper!

Here are the parts to this process of becoming a savvy HDTV buyer:
1) Check Website
2) Check Ratings
3) Research HDTV Sellers

1) Check Website
The first part of becoming a savvy shopper is to first look at the manufacturers of HDTV sets. This can also be done by looking at the television sellers and what they have to offer, but it is best to still look at the TV manufacturer's website.

The point of this step is that you will get to know more about the potential HD TV you want to buy. The result is that you will get to find out if any of the models are discontinued or about to be discontinued.

Products which are about to be discontinued or are discontinued have several important considerations. The first is that discontinued products generally don't get support. They are also cheaper. And they also may have or are becoming discontinued because of problems. Knowing this in advance can pay dividends.

2) Check Ratings
The second step in the process is checking what others have to say about the HDTV set you are considering buying. At this point, you may have an idea of a set you want to buy. However, all we have is what sales people and marketing wants us to believe about the product.

High Definition TV sets have been around for a while, so finding HDTV ratings is much easier. The ratings will tell you from consumers, what they thought about the product, if there were any problems, etc. It is important to come to your own conclusions about a product however, as there are some people who had a bad experience, not down to the product, but had some other reason to put down an otherwise good product.

3) Research HDTV Sellers
The last step in the process of becoming a savvy HD television buyer is to look at several sellers of HDTV's. The result is immense. You can see some big savings by checking out a few different HDTV sellers.

To recap - first do your research with the manufacturers. This will give you an idea of what is new, what is old, and what is about to be discontinued.

Next check ratings. This will give you an idea of which HDTV sets are good, and bad. You will uncover some good ideas about whether you want to buy a particular set.

Fun begins by looking at several HD TV sellers, before buying. The result is that you could save $100's of dollars or more when buying a HDTV set!
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