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International Movers in North America

Jul 24, 2008
International movers in North America are the busiest in the world. Planes, boats, trucks and trains depart and arrive from the harbors, airports and train stations of North America to and from every country in the world almost every day. The shear volume of people relocating either in or out of the country has made international movers billions of dollars a year for decades.

The most common move in North America is the move just over the border into a neighboring country. Canada, the United States and Mexico all have a steady flow of traffic going back and forth. Many companies in the United States have affiliates in Canada and vise versa. The low cost of labor in Mexico has caused a lot of corporations in the U.S. and Canada to look south of the border for their manufacturing needs. Each time something like this occurs, international movers are needed to transport people and equipment to the new location.

Overseas moving has also seen an increase in recent years. Outsourcing to other countries has made it a necessity for certain business people to relocate to European and Asian countries for long or short term stays. International movers in North America have put together corporate packages to ease the burdens on management that has to deal with corporate relocations on a regular basis. It is also now possible to set up round trip moves that involve a discount offered by international movers for those who are going to another country or continent for a short term contract job.

The wars in the Middle East and the formation of new governments have created opportunities for Americans and Canadians to open new markets in previously untouchable regions of the world. The same situation exists in Europe, where the fall of the Soviet Union and the formation of the European Union has opened up borders and stimulated trade between nations that once had no contact with each other. The frequency of business trips overseas has necessitated the establishment of personal and corporate residences and increased the need for international movers.

World markets and outsourcing have also opened up new opportunities in Asia for manufacturing and development of new products and technology. The relationship between the United States and Japan has grown into a healthy partnership since the end of World War II and international movers that specialize in moving to the Far East have sprung up along the West Coast of the U.S and Canada. San Francisco, Vancouver, Portland and Seattle all see a steady flow of immigrants coming in and U.S. business people going out to Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

The world has become a smaller place and international movers have gotten larger and more sophisticated in their methods. What was once a difficult undertaking is now as simple as going on line or picking up the phone and letting a professional handle your move for you. International movers can take you anywhere in the world anytime you want. What you do when you get there is up to you.
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