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Are You Looking To Work From Home? Some Offbeat Career Options

Jul 24, 2008
It is always important to remember that the work from home industry is massive and it is only going to keep growing. In 2008 it is estimated that the work from home industry is worth $42.7 million dollars!

Each and every day, thousands of people from around the world look to jump into home based businesses in the hope of achieving greater flexibility, higher levels of income and more time to spend with their friends and family.

People join the industry as a hobby, and people join it as their full time pursuits. One of the greatest enablers of this boom in home based businesses in the internet. Today, high quality broadband internet is available in almost every corner of the world. This incredible access to the internet has opened up a huge amount of options for people looking to work from home.

If you have got an internet connection and the drive to succeed then you are well on your way to making money. Here are some great ideas for somewhat offbeat careers on the internet.

Stay at home parents and entrepreneurs at heart

Multi Level Marketing or Mlm, also known as network marketing, is one of the oldest yet most lucrative work from home business models. We all know that MLM has received some seriously negative press over the last few years, but that is all changing now with the new strategies of network marketing. No longer do you have to market to your friends and family, the internet puts the worlds largest market at your fingertips!

Mlm and network marketing have received a massive makeover. Using tools like websites, mailing lists, social networking, social bookmarking and online marketing tools you can promote your business to previously unthinkable heights. Even now, 85% of the people in network marketing are stay at home parents and entrepreneurs at heart.

Be the middle man

There are also some great ways by which you can be a middle man and create a successful online venture

Overseas business consultant Hundreds of companies in the US outsource elements of their business to countries like India, Philippines etc. This has created a strong overseas workforce that you can rely on, and you can start your own company offering these services. If you have great quality workers at hand you can charge a premium US rate for the services they provide.

Freelance Jobs You can easily pick up random jobs like website design, logo design etc. all from American companies and then outsource it to freelancers around the world for a substantially reduced cost. This is very much similar to running an eBay shop, just be the middle man and you can work effortlessly from home.

Build your own blogging empire.

Now this strategy is not as easy as it is made out to be on some websites on the internet. Apart from being a great writer, a blogger also needs to be an expert at self-promotion. If you are totally new to the concept of blogs, then you will really need to spend some time looking at how blogging for adsense works.

When you are feeling confident set up a blog and analyse its performance over time. If you feel that there is a regular and increasing flow of passive traffic to your blog then it is definitely time to start expanding and set up other blogs. Blogging is just about the best work from home options that is available to almost everyone!
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