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Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising?

Aug 17, 2007
1: Pay Per Click Advertising is by far the most direct marketing system ever invented. You actually get to place your ad directly in front of a prospect that has searched on a term related to your product or business. Your prospect is proactively looking for what you have to offer. You cannot get a more targeted form of advertising.

2: Market research has never been easier. You now have the opportunity with Pay Per Click advertising to measure a markets value quickly and cheaply simply by targeting a few ads at this market. With a few targeted Pay Per Click advertising campaigns you can now measure potential ROI across a whole market within a few days for pennies rather than the months and big bucks it used to demand.

3: Market to the planet or to your small hometown. With the introduction of local targeting last year Google have opened up a whole new opportunity for small businesses. If you offer a service such as a garage or hairdressers etc. before now there was little point in using Pay Per Click advertising. You can't offer this service over the web. But now with local search you can pinpoint a district for which you would like your ad to appear. Your ad will then appear only to your most likely prospects. At the other extreme if you offer a product that is not reliant on physical location you can now get highly targeted visitor from across the planet or country.

4: If you have a new site you will struggle for a long time to get anywhere near a good listing in the search engines. Pay Per Click advertising will allow you to take your business straight to market the day your website goes live. Saving you months in potential lost earnings.

5: Recent innovations have seen Advertisers given more control in where their Adwords Ad will appear. You now have the option to advertise on specific sites. Even more recently site owners now also have the option to place a banner on their site advertising the opportunity to visitors to advertise there.

6: Variety. Although Adwords is the leading Pay Per Click advertising system it's by far the only one. Yahoo have their own system known as Yahoo Search Marketing, formally Overture. MSN are about to bring their new system online, MSN adCenter. Then there's Findwhat, LookSmart, Miva etc. Are your chosen keywords to costly on Adwords? Try one of the other Pay Per Click advertising networks.

7: Opportunity favours the quick and the prepared. Pay Per Click and online advertising spending in general is set rocket over the next few years as more and more businesses become disillusioned with the results of their traditional advertising avenues. By learning to utilize Pay Per Click advertising properly now you can position yourself to take advantage of future developments fast.

As more businesses come online SEO competition is hotting up. Google already implements a 'Sandbox' which will see new sites get very little traffic for 8 to 12 months after going live. The sandbox is a 'holding pen' for new sites. Google introduced the sandbox as a means to monitor and control new site listings. This was introduced as a defence against the rash of Spam sites that where appearing across the Net.

This being the case don't expect a good ranking or any traffic from Google for a long time after your new site goes live.

Some cynics will accuse Google of leveraging their position as market leader in the Search Engine arena to force the owners of new sites to join the Adwords program as the only option for traffic from Google.

To be fair it has crossed my mind in the past but then I remember the Spam results Google suddenly started serving back in March 2004 and I'm thankful I don't see those anymore, thanks in part to the Sandbox.

Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest route to site traffic
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