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How to Use Wordpress Marketing to Your Advantage

Jul 25, 2008
A lot of people are marketing online nowadays and there are tons of different options when choosing a platform for promoting your products or services.

A really effective strategy that I have found which has made me thousands and thousands of dollars is called WordPress Marketing.

If you are not familiar with wordpress it is a FREE blog service that allows you to create your own website (blog) for free! You can your own domain name (wordpress.com/nameofyourblog) and anybody with an internet connection can view your page by visiting that web address.

Now, you are online! You can promote products as an affiliate OR you can promote your own products or services from there too. Another popular thing people do when marketing online using a wordpress blog, is to write about something that is very popular at the moment (or always) and get traffic to your site that way. Then, you can place ads on your site for Google or Yahoo (also FREE) and YOU GET PAID anytime someone just clicks on one of the ads on your site!
This is a very popular way of making money online.

What else is WordPress Marketing good for?

Yet another awesome technique for making money with your blog is to build your opt-in list of email subscribers by giving away something of value for FREE right from your blog, in exchange for the email address of your reader. It may in form of e-Books, e-Courses, software or a short report. You would not believe that most people will exchange their email address with these free stuffs. If it is useful for them, they will be your loyalty customer in the future easily.

You can sign up for an auto-responder service for less than $20 a month and easily set up the email address capture form where the customer must enter their first name and email address in order to receive the free download (a short, informative report that you write on the same topic as your blog or promotion).

If you do not want to pay for monthly cost, you can try some free auto-responder services. But it would be a better idea to invest on the paid auto-responder service as it will provides a much more stability and durability.
Once you harvest their email addresses you can promote (legally!) products and/or services to them via email and then you can make some serious money!

If you want to make more money, just create your own product and promote them. If you do not want to create your own product, you may finding some affiliate products to promote. That is Wordpress marketing in a nutshell!
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