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A Guide to Putting Together Your Opt in List

Jul 25, 2008
If you want maximum results from your online business, one way is to put together an opt in mailing list. This list has the names and email addresses of people who have expressed an interest in your company. They have given you permission to send them emails about your business on a periodic basis. Half the sale is made already when you talk to someone who has expressed an interest in what you have to sell.

Permission Email Marketing is the result of building an opt in list in the first place. They are rapidly becoming quite a popular tool.

If you want to succeed at what you are doing, there are certain things that you should and should not do. The following are some steps that you should know about opt in lists.

Yes, you should.

1. Make an opt in list highly visible on your site. You can use a software program from virtually any site.

2. Using the general email that you send out to clients, have a place where they can link to sign up for receiving emails from you.

3. Make sure they do want to receive emails from you. You do not want to get into trouble for spamming.

4. When conversing with them, mention that you have emails that you can send to let them know of new products and sales.

5. Do not talk in circles. Explain exactly what you have and how it can benefit them. Do not mislead them about what they will be receiving.

6. Contact people who sign up right away. Let them know how you operate and what they can expect from you. Make them feel welcome.

No, You Should Not

1. Do not assume someone that has emailed you six months ago would like to be added to your list. Send them an email and ask if they would like to be included in your mailings.

2. Do not buy lists of opt ins that you are not sure of. Ask for evidence that the people on the list do want to receive emails about your business.

3. Do not take people for granted. Appreciate the trust they put in you. When you do something to make them reconsider whether trusting you was wise or not, you put your business in jeopardy. They will not be eager to return emails or converse with you either.

One sure method of saving money is to send emails. Direct mailing is expensive and the supplies you use to send mail by the post office is expensive. If you are ready to start your own opt in service, give it a try.

1. Information for free. If you want to get a good opt in list going, let your visitors know that they can receive free information. Newsletters, travel tips, which tools are rated the best, and tried and true recipes are a good start.

2. The simpler the better. It should not take an hour to sign up for a subscription to a website. Do not ask questions that are not necessary. The info they provide should be just what you need to know a little about their preferences, their email, and other contact information. Tell them what their subscription includes.

3. Offer something of value. The information that your newsletter contains should be good information, free incentives should have some value, and it should be up to date.

4. Have a forum on your website. Do not only have a forum but be a part of it. This is one way to let people know you are truly interested in what they think.

5. Communication through writing. If you spin out some articles about your chosen business and use it to try and inspire people as you have been inspired, this will serve you well.

6. Joint enrollment. If you do this, a huge opt in list could be possible in practically no time.

7. Put your knowledge to work. Use your expertise to write an e-book. This can be used as an incentive to give to people who subscribe to your opt in list or mailing list. It does not have to be large. Just write what you know best, add some interesting facts, and a few tips that you have found useful.

When you are trying to get an opt in list started, make sure you add something that would make someone want to sign up. The fact is, opt in lists have been found to lay the foundation for web sites that are more profitable than others. Always look for ways to improve your website.

Nobody said this was going to be easy. However if you want your website to succeed, take a good look at what you want to say and make the pitch for opt in sign ups as interesting as you possibly can. Here are 10 ways to build a opt in list that will get the best results.

1. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other web owners who want business as badly as you do. Choose which section of people you want to appeal to.

When you are trying to get an opt in list started, make sure you add something that would make someone want to sign up. The fact is, opt in lists have been found to lay the foundation for web sites that are more profitable than others. Always look for ways to improve your website.

2. Make certain that your website is reaching the right people.

3. If you cannot make a profit on it, do not waste your time. Keeping track of your budget is another way of determining whether you will be successful or not.

4. By leading discussions on a forum as much as possible, you will find out what problems you have and be able to correct them.

5. Find out why your customers are not getting what they want from websites. Help them to find the right resources for the things they need.

6. Help is always appreciated. If a visitor to your site has a problem, help them to find a solution.

7. A small site that offers direct response will be much appreciated.

8. Auto responders are great. They can keep track when you cannot. This is definitely one site you want to keep in shape.

9. Draw in potential customers with giveaways. Coupons offering a percentage off of a product or products can help to get customers to your website.

10. Use whatever works within reason to corner the market in your field of expertise.

The results found in opt in are more than you would ever dream if done correctly. This is a huge part of the profit margin. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.
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