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International Shipping to the Great White North

Jul 25, 2008
International shipping is a multi billion dollar industry that has overcome all obstacles related to borders, governments, weather and mode of transport. The area of the world known as the Great White North presents an obstacle that is not seen anywhere else on the globe: Ice. For centuries, the mightiest of ships have been laid low by Mother Nature's most monstrous natural creation, the iceberg, and ships today still have to deal with frozen seas and the potential hazards that they bring.

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Alaska and the northern parts of Russia are all covered in ice and snow a good part of the year and all offer the possibility of disaster for the international shipping industry. Since the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage nearly one hundred years ago ship captains have been conscious of the dangers in these northern seas. Technology has provided some assistance so accidents are fewer but still possible and even common for smaller vessels.

International shipping in the region just below the Arctic Circle is also a battle against the freezing temperatures that can destroy a cargo and devastate the morale of a crew during a long voyage. Ship captains prepare very carefully when their routes go through the frigid areas where ice and snow dictate the actions of human beings and their machines. Warm clothing, temperature controlled containers and sophisticated technology make international shipping possible in these conditions.

On a positive note, some of the most valuable cargoes in the world come out of the sea ports in the Great White North. Oil, furs, caviar, salmon, crab and other rarities come down to more livable climates from the icy shores of North America and Scandinavia. Ships, planes, trains and trucks travel difficult roads and brave mighty storms to deliver manufactured and natural goods to the nations of the world.

The governments in the Great White North are some of the most tolerant and trade friendly in the world. Scandinavia and Russia do business as members of the European Union and Alaska is part of the United States. This makes international shipping a less arduous task for merchants and helps to compensate for the difficult conditions of shipping to and from these nations.

If you are an individual or business who is considering international shipping to the Great White North there is a good chance that you will never have to experience the weather conditions or need to overcome the dangerous hazards that are involved when sailing across an icy sea. You will however have to pay the price for a merchant to transport your goods or belongings. The difficulty of the voyage and the high cost of living in the countries of the north make international shipping in or out an expensive venture. Be prepared and appreciate why the price is so high. The men and women who do international shipping in the Great White North face danger every day and still manage to get cargoes in and out of port with little or no delays. That's worth a few extra dollars or Euros, isn't it?
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