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Jul 25, 2008
Shopping online is a really popular activity among the masses, and shopping online is even more popular! According to an Independent Researcher, roughly 83% of people in the United States shop online or have shopped online at least once in their life. That's a pretty high number if you ask me! You can buy almost anything online that you would buy in a regular store, and sometimes you can even find really great SALES. We all love sales, don't we!?!

If you search for Automotive stores online there are a multitude of different stores on Google search alone, thousands if not millions of pages to search through. These websites offer anything from novelty items such as key chains and decals to axle hubs, jacks, or even tires! Of course you have to pay for the shipping and handling of each item on these sites, but for a lot of people that is worth the hassle of actually going out to a store to buy the item. There are also places online where you can actually buy cars as well! I'm not sure I would go that far for online convenience shopping, but I have heard it done before!

According to a News Release survey done by Nielsen Online in 2007, convenience, rather than price is what drives people to shop online, especially during the holiday season. They fielded a study on 1,000 people and the results are as follows:

81% - Convenience - Capable of shopping online day or night, Saturday morning, Monday afternoon before the kids get home from school or Wednesday night it doesn't matter
77% - Saving time - These shopping sites are made with YOU the buyer in mind
61% - Comparison Shopping - Most of these sites allow you to compare several items at once for prices, reviews, and options
56% - Finding things easily - Shopping sites online are VERY user friendly. Things such as search boxes, categories, prices, and photos are incorporated to make shopping easier than ever before!

So needless to say by reading the results above, online shopping is, has, and will continue to be a giant marketing leap for online shopping stores as well as popular among people. Admit it, you've spent a few minutes (or hours), in front of your computer in your pajamas shopping for the latest gadgets, clothing items, automotive items and technology!

Other people known for shopping online are older folks that cant get to stores, people looking to have a gift shipped to the sender as a surprise, such as flowers, chocolate, or cards, and people that are too busy to go to the mall or department store! All prices aside, online shopping can also be done with other things such as e-cards. I don't know anyone that hasn't sent at least ONE e-card in their life!

Here are a few sites I can recommend that have tons of different items from different stores, are user friendly, and allow comparison shopping:


Check these sites out as soon as you get the chance! If you're searching for other sites as well simply go to Google and search for the store in particular such as Target, Best Buy, or Crate & Barrel or if you're looking for other more specific items such as auto accessories, literature or the newest iPhone try keyword searches such as "Online Comparison Shops Online" or "Online Shopping Centers." You will find everything you need, and maybe even more than expected!
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