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International Moving Information for Moving to Germany

Jul 25, 2008
Germany, once the scourge of Europe, has become the fourth most popular tourist destination in Europe and a common international moving destination for Americans. The recovering economy and mix of technologies from the West and the East have made Germany a favorite base for American industry in Europe.

International moving to Germany was once unthinkable and nearly impossible. Today, the process is the same as it is for any other European country. Now unified and a thriving republic, Germany encourages visitors and new residents alike. A passport, a work visa, and an established destination within the country can make international moving into Germany easy and worry-free.

On January 1, 2002, the German mark, one of Europe's oldest currencies, was replaced by the Euro and Germany became part of the European Union. This marked an end to the transition that had brought Germany from a feudal kingdom to a Nazi dictatorship to a unified republic and accepted member of the European community. It was the final step in a process that began with the fall of the Soviet Union and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. International moving to Germany once again became a reality for the rest of the world.

Home to American Air Force bases and corporations headquartered around the world, Germany has become a world economic power in the latter half of the 20th Century. International moving companies have sprung up and thrive on the relocation of American troops and their families. Many servicemen who are stationed in Germany choose to stay when their term is done and marry local spouses. Others move back with new wives and husbands, creating even more business for international moving companies.

The American Embassy in Berlin is located at Neustaedtische Kirchstrasse 4-5. The telephone country code is 49 and internet access is available throughout the country. There is no reason to leave technology behind when you complete the international moving journey to Germany. Most of the phone and computer systems are designed in the United States so if you are moving in from the U.S. you should be able to use the same equipment. There are guidelines for technology that enters the country as part of your belongings that are shipped by an international moving company or independent agent. Each item must be individually packed and inventoried for inspection by Customs. They do have the right to examine all of your equipment thoroughly including checking your hard drive, so don't try to smuggle any illegal software.

A medical exam is required before entering any of the countries in the European Union. Once you have settled in Germany you will have free access to any of the other countries of Europe so they have developed uniform standards for disease control. English speaking doctors can be found through the Europa Center in Berlin or by dialing 030/31-00-31 in an emergency. If you are contemplating or actively planning an international moving trip to Germany you should write down this and any of the other information in this article someplace where you can reference it quickly.
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