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What Constitutes a Good Marketing Program?

Jul 25, 2008
You have lots of duties as an affiliate marketer. From learning all you need to know about your affiliate product, to training your downline, to article writing, article submission and article distribution. There are many things to keep in mind. A focused marketing program that targets a specific market consistently is one function that you must carry out if you plan to succeed in the wild world of internet marketing. With so many products vying for consumers' attention, you must ensure your marketing program is a good one.

The best marketing programs don't try to be all things to all people. What they do is be one thing to a certain group of people. With this approach, a marketing program fine-tunes and delivers a highly-specialized message to people who are hungry for the message they are delivering.

Why does this work? It works because a specialized marketing campaign speaks a special message to a special group who has great interest in the product. If your affiliate product is snowboards, you're want to market them to younger outdoor sports, even extreme sports, enthusiasts. It doesn't mean that a spunky senior with lots of time and energy on his or her hands won't buy one. It means you should not direct your marketing program to a broad spectrum of consumers who may generate only a small percentage of your sales.

You want the greatest return for your marketing budget. That means marketing your affiliate product to the group that brings in the most sales. You'll still get peripheral sales as a matter of course. A poor marketing program uses a wide net approach and goes after all kinds of fish in the hopes of landing the marlins they're really after. They could be trawling for a long time before reaping any kind of reward.

A good marketing program answers questions they already know a niche market is asking. Every aspect of the marketing program focuses on the concerns that a specific niche has and offers solutions to them. All advertising, banner advertising, website content, article writing, online forum discussions and the like focus on supplying relevant, timely information to a specific market segment.

That snowboard niche market wants web articles on the trendiest locales to spray up some snow. They want to see advertising that shows them why your snowboard material and design performs better than others. They want to see what's new in snowboards for the coming season and what you have to offer. A good marketing program knows its niche and supplies them what they want. A poor marketing program hopes it knows its niche and involves itself in unfocused article marketing, advertising and website content that talks to no one in specific.

A good marketer knows where marketing efforts should go. A poor marketer thinks efforts should go everywhere.

A good marketing campaign engages in article distribution to a select group of niche publishers that concentrate their content on a group of consumers totally interested in their product. A poor marketing program engages in article distribution that sends their snowboard articles to a publisher of political topics.

A good marketing program advertises in online or offline snowboard magazines, on snowboard organization websites and forums. A poor marketing program advertises in general interest publications and general forums where they garner a very small percentage of interest.

In a nutshell, a good marketing program zeros in on a target and doesn't stray from its path until it reaches it. A poor marketing program takes scenic tours to unknown areas because it doesn't know its intended destination in the first place. As they say, if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. You may have fun with a poor marketing program, and you may be laughing, but it won't be all the way to the bank.
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