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Never Cold Call: Alternative Sales Tool To Cold Calling

Jul 25, 2008
Cold calling used to be a very effective tool in sales. However, the effectiveness of this sales technique is waning. Many people are not too keen in entertaining unexpected calls and visits anymore because of the sheer number of cold calls they receive everyday. It is very likely for a person to receive no less than three cold calls in the office and at home in a day.

There are many other sales methods that are more effective than cold calling. If you are seeking for a way to boost the sales of your company, here are alternative techniques that can help increase your company's sales and revenue:

Referral Marketing System

Many vouch for the effectiveness of the referral marketing system because people tend to be more trusting and open to sales personnel that was referred by a friend or a family member. Since there are many scams and fraudulent companies in the market, many people are more careful in entertaining visits and calls from persons they do not know.

In cold calls, however, you are not even sure of the name or gender of the person you are calling, so people tend to be more aloof and lukewarm toward you. If customers learn that their mother or best friend was the one that gave you their number, they will most likely entertain you and warm up, knowing that their family or friends will not give their contact information to someone who cannot be trusted.

The reason why multilevel marketing is very hot and on the rise is due to a successful referral system employed by such companies. Although the referral system could be arduous to those who have few friends and acquaintances, majority of the members of MLM groups find more sales hits with the referral system through determination and perseverance.

Linking with an attorney or a real estate agent is a good way to build your list of prospective customers. Lawyers and real estate agents usually know when their clients are liquid and have available cash. Thus, you can time your calls and visits when customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Your relationship with attorneys and real estate agents should be a symbiotic one. Try to refer them to your customers too so that they won't hold back when it is time for you to ask them for help.

Investment seminar method

Only few companies make use of investment seminars as a method of boosting sales, even if this method is proven to be effective. Most of the companies that use such a tool are multilevel companies.

Unlike cold calls, you can advertise investment seminars on the Internet and on local papers. Thus, your audience is broader and wider. Moreover, the people who will most likely attend your seminar are those who are interested in buying your product. Therefore, the percentage of sales hits will be higher in investment seminars than 35 hours worth of cold calling.

Attendees of investment seminars are usually more open and willing to listen to your sales pitch. They have allotted time and exerted effort to attend your seminar, thus they are prepared to stay until you have finished your proposal. Furthermore, you will be given ample time to answer their questions and explain your product or service further.

Nowadays, sales personnel and financial professionals do not need to make use of cold calling to help boost their sales. The referral marketing system and investment seminar method are also effective ways to garner huge sales.
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