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Can Anybody Be Successful Selling on eBay?

Jul 25, 2008
Are eBay sellers still making good money? Well, it's certainly not as great as it once was. In the past, 4 or 5 years ago, eBay as like a machine. It could turn any internet newbie or business virgin into a success. They could just stumble their way into making money on eBay. The current times are not the same.

There used to be countless mom & pop businesses that would make a killing on eBay, even if they had absolutely no idea how to run a business.

Times were a lot simpler. The online auction was still a new novelty that people just loved. They were addicted on eBay.

Well, that's just not the way it is now. When eBay was at it's peak, a seller could sell almost any kind of item and still make a lot of money. But if you watch eBay now, you'll start to see many online auctions ending with zero bids.

It's obvious that eBay doesn't have the same cache it once had. But does this mean that a person can't build a successful business on eBay anymore? Absolutely, they can!

The difference is that now you can't stumble your way to success. You have to sit down and actually learn how eBay works. What products sell? What kind of shortcuts can take my business to the next level?

You'd be quite surprised how many new sellers are achieving success on eBay at the moment. It's really quite simple how they did it? They actually treated it like a business.

So many people want to make money on eBay, but they don't want to put the hours that are needed to achieve that kind of success. Starting on eBay business is no different than starting any other kind of business.

If this is a dream of yours, get ready to work for it. No dream usually happens without putting in the time to achieve it. Be ready to put in the time that is necessary to build a business. Get ready for those long hours, because they are coming. but the great thing about an online business is that once your business is bringing in the steady sales, the business become a lot easier.
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Richard Joyce has become a successful powerseller selling on eBay and is now bringin in more money every week than he used to make a month with his old job. To learn how to make money on eBay, take a peek his blog.
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