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A Few Pointers for Your eBay Business

Jul 25, 2008
Many people know that sales are down for eBay sellers. But most people don't know that many sellers are just not doing a good job of selling their product. They are making way too many mistakes.

In this article, I'll go over some basic things that you can do to help your eBay business bring in the sales.

For starters, take good photos. How many times have you seen a listing with the worst photos? If it wasn't for the title and the description, you'd have no idea what the item was, just by looking at the photo.

You don't need to sign up for a photography course. Just get yourself nice digital camera. If yours is from the last decade you might want to get a new on. Then take your product and put it in all white background, and start snapping. Good photos can make the difference between getting a sale and getting a visitor.

Don't write full blown stories when you are describing your product. Think about it. If eBay is like a mall, how do most shoppers behave in a mall. They usually just like to browse around. They go in a store. They come out and the cycle continues.

Most people don't like to stay in one store too long. They want to go through all the stores. So they'll just keep looking around until something strikes their fancy.

When you write a big long story in your description, you're asking them to stay on the listing for longer than they normally would. Most people don't want to spend that much time reading.

You've got to remember that people don't have the same attention span they once did. Society wants their information quicker and more accessible. This may be a bad thing to many people but it's simply the reality of the marketplace.

To make it easier on the eyes, I recommend putting all prevalent information about your product in a bullet-style format. For one thing, it's just a lot faster and easier to read. Shoppers know what you're product is all about in 5 seconds. The other reason is that people are just used to reading in bullet style.
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Richard Joyce has been able to use eBay to form a 6 figure business. To understand the complete process on how to sell on eBay, you need to check out his blog, to see how to build an eBay business.
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