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Is Domain Name Registering Good For Company Branding?

Jul 25, 2008
Domain registering, when done wisely, can do wonders for company branding. A well-named domain will bring visitors to your site and make selling your products that much easier. There are a few simple rules to follow when registering domain names, though, and they are essential points to remember.

Before you begin registering domain names, make sure that your domain name is something readable. A jumble of letters and numbers, a nonsensical phrase or a group of industry terms are usually not good for domain names. Make sure to use actual words in your domain name. The name should be professional sounding and simple. Unless you are aiming solely for an audience in the know, industry terms can make your site disappear from the radar.

Be wary of difficult to spell words in your domain name. While you may think that it's clever to use the seven syllable term for your product, many people will see it as annoying and pretentious. It's important to be inclusive, not exclusive. While many people love learning new words and consulting the dictionary, it's not going to work well when you are registering domain names.

Since word of mouth often creates the greatest success, you need a domain name that can be easily pronounced. When customers tell their friends about your website, it's best that they can say it out loud. If it's something that can't be readily understood audibly, it might not be the best name.

Since you want company branding when you register domain names, you'll want the name to be unique and memorable. These two qualities of great domain names can make or break an online business. If you're in a crowded field, look at the domain names of the competition. See what terms they use, and then find synonyms for each term. By changing the wording while retaining the meaning, you can make your business stand apart from the masses.

A memorable name should be catchy, short and to the point. Keep the wording from being convoluted. This may take some brainstorming, as many of the easiest domain names are already taken. Domain registering can be a headache if you're having trouble finding something with some chutzpah. Keep it simple, so that people can easily remember your website.

Include a description of your business when registering domain names. Whatever product or service you offer, make it easy for web surfers to find you. If they're looking for baseball memorabilia, let them know that you have what they need by using sports memorabilia terms. Otherwise, it may seem that memorabilia is just something your business deals in on the side.

Another way to effectively brand your company when registering domain names is by using keywords. Keywords can make your website appear in the first pages of major search engines. By using keywords in your domain name, you increase your chances of customers and clients finding you on the web.

Company branding using domain registering makes your online existence more profitable. You'll find yourself making more money with less effort when your site is easy to find and remember. A great domain name speaks volumes about the quality of your business.
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