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Digital Security Can be Achieved

Jul 25, 2008
People seem wired to worry. We worry about things we can control and things over which we have no power. We worry about troubling things like global warming and we worry about insignificant things like a bad hair day that will not matter tomorrow; we worry about things that happened nine years ago, and we worry about things that may never happen. How much of our time is consumed by this negative process!

Ironically, while modern technology has offered a myriad of opportunities and freedoms, it has at the same time ushered in a whole new type of sinister things to worry about. Now we can worry about cyber crimes such as having the digital security infiltrated at our lawyer's office or bank, having our identity stolen, having our privacy violated. There are even people working on protecting our nation from a digital "Pearl Harbor."

A recent internet search for "worry about digital security" turned up an impressive 334,000 articles. Clearly, this is something which is weighing heavily on our national psyche. If people cannot totally trust the technology they use, is it really freeing?

Digital security companies working on the problem have come up with several of ways to protect technology users from fraud, theft, and other crimes. The tools include software, external plug-ins, smart cards, electronic passports, and one-time passwords. Security providers are striving to protect the individual at home, to guard the sensitive information of big corporations, small business, and public entities which are now leaning on technology, and to safeguard national security.

Worrying about something is a futile pastime, being proactive is not. If digital security is weighing on your mind do not just lie in bed imaging horrible scenarios, do something about it. Find out how to protect yourself from cyber crime. Make digital security a priority.
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Steve Collins is an author based in California. As someone who increasingly works online, he understands the need for digital security. Read his articles about digital security here.
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