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Why Should You Trust Your Header Graphic To A Professional

Jul 25, 2008
There is an old saying in life that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is true in personal relationships like dating, business relationships like job interviews, and also in surfing the web as well. The first impression in a face to face meeting, whether personal or business related, is the moment when two people see eachother for the very first time.

A first impression in terms of the internet is the first time someone uses an internet browser to open up a specific website. Most people read from the top down, that would logically prove that the first part of any website that most people see is the header. The header is the portion of the website that has the website's name and usually a graphic image of some sort.

With that much importance riding on the look and feel of the header of a website, it is puzzling then why some websites pay such little attention to making sure their website's header projects a positive and exciting image. A poorly designed, or amateurish looking, website header is one of the fastest ways to lose the traffic that has come to the website.

When someone opens up the first page of the website, if they see something that looks unprofessional then they may look at going to another site that may take the material they're looking for a little more seriously. The last thing any website should want to do is turn people away that come to visit it because from the looks of their header they appear to be an unprofessional or amateurish site.

Professional graphic designers are available in different places online and finding an experienced one with good references should not be too much of a challenge.

With a professionally designed header graphic picture added to the top of a Blog, 1st time viewers of that Blog assume that they have come to a site that is better than some of the sites out there that appear to be hobby sites. A header graphic design that gives off the feeling that it was professionally done can add to the legitimacy of the overall Blog.

This works for more than just the homepage too, as most websites use the same top header image Jpg on every page within the whole weblog.

With that in mind, a professionally designed graphic picture at the top of every page in a Blog means that no matter what page someone surfs to as a result of what came up in search engine results, their 1st impression will be a good one.
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