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You Have To Answer Emails If You Want To Succeed on eBay

Jul 25, 2008
I'm constantly amazed of the amount of eBay sellers who can't be bothered to return a simple e-mail. It takes them a week to do s, and they wonder why their eBay business is struggling to make any sales.

To put it frankly. do not even bother even thinking about starting an eBay business if this sounds like something you would do. Believe me, you have zero chance of success.

It's like certain sellers treat their business emails like they do their personal email accounts. This is not your personal gmail or aol email account.

But if you are at your at your house or work address and you receive an email regarding your business, drop whatever you're doing. People are always pleased when somebody returns their email within 10 minutes.

They can't help but be overwhelmed by your professional attitude. They feel impressed that you took the time to answer the question they had.

The thing that most amazes me are the sellers who don't respond after somebody basically tells them that they will buy their product. They just have one small question about it.

For instance, if somebody emails you asking what the combined shipping cost would be if they bought product A and Product B. That's an example of a buying question. Don't stall. Drop whatever it is you may be doing and answer it. Don't give them time change their mind. You want to strike while the iron is hot!

This also works great when you have customer who is unhappy. Let's say you accidently sent the wrong item out to a buyer. He sends a really nasty email showing his dissatisfaction.

The terrible eBay sellers would just want to deal with this. They'd much rather avoid or postpone an email response to an angry email. The great sellers, on the other hand though, answer it right away. It always calms down the buyer because he knows that his problem was acknowledged and the seller will try to remedy the situation.
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Richard Joyce understands the important things that are involved in starting an eBay business. He has taken his knowledge of making money on eBay to build a six figure income.
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