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Home Improvements - Made to Measure Blinds

Jul 25, 2008
Rather than going from one curtain and blind shop to the next in order to get some made to measure blinds have you considered purchasing yours online. There are plenty of companies who can now offer you a wide range of blinds which have been made to measure at really affordable prices.

Certainly there are a number of reasons for why one should actually consider next time buying your made to measure blinds online. Below we look at just what some of these reasons are.

1. Although you will need to fit the blinds yourself it is a very simple task and you will be assured that the blinds you order will fit your windows perfectly. 2. Many retail stores offer a good range of made to measure blinds but by going online you will have hundreds of different colors and styles to select from rather than 10 or 20. 3. Made to measure blinds are often shipped free to those who order theirs online and you will get far better discounts if you decide to buy yours online.

However if you are going to be ordering your made to measure blinds online you need to know the right way to measure your windows. Below we take you through the steps of what you need to do in order that you measure your windows accurately before you start ordering the new blinds for them.

It is important that you have the appropriate equipment to measure your windows which is a good quality steel measuring tape, some paper and a pencil. A steel measuring tape is essential as it will help to make sure that the measurements you take down are accurate. If you can rather than measuring the windows on your own get someone else to help you.

After you have got your tape measure, paper and pencil together then next thing you need to decide is do you want your blinds to be mounted inside or outside the window casing? For those that are going to be mounted inside the window casing there needs to enough room for all the blinds hardware to fit, especially important if you want yours to be flush.

People will choose to go for the outside mounted blinds because they help to cover over an unattractive molding that surrounds the window casement. If this is what you are going to be doing then you need to think about how large the window is and what obstructions that there are around it which may interfere with the lay of the blinds once installed.

If you can have at least two inches of space on either side and at the top and bottom of the window for an outside mounted blind. Plus then calculate how much overlap is required around the window so that it gives you sufficient privacy but will avoid any obstructions, but yet still allow sufficient light into the room.

Once you have your measurements down then can you start searching for your made to measure blinds. It is important that you check your measurements several because the cost of buying made to measure blinds over standard ones is considerably more.
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As you can see there are a range of advantages to buying made to measure blinds for your home. There are also a vast variety of styles to choose from such as wooden venetian blinds and bay window blinds.
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