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Multiple Web Hosting In One Machine

Jul 25, 2008
Many people around the world find the concept of multiple webhosting a confusing one. They wonder whether it implies the hosting of a set of multiple websites in one machine or in one package. Although there are much confusions, but the concept is truly straightforward.

Multiple web hosting refers the hosting option for multiple websites with a single package or in your own system. This is mainly due to the fact of excessive competition among the hosting companies, leading them to integrate and offer multiple and unlimited web hosting plan with a single package to their customers.

Who Needs Multiple Web Hosting Plan?
If you are running multiple businesses of your own and want to create a virtual presence for each of them, a multiple web hosting plan can definitely be the best choice for you. You can buy a single account and then you are allowed to host multiple web sites as per your individual business needs.

There are many web hosting service providers who can offer you 10 add-on domain names against your web space that you have bought. This means you can host 10 more websites along with your primary website in the web space that you have purchased from the hosting provider. Needless to say, operating with the help of a single account not only saves money, but it also saves time.

How to Set Up Multiple Web Hosting Account?
Typically, when you register for a web hosting account, your web hosting company allows you to create a single website under your account. If you want to take the facility of multiple domain account, you have to make a request to your hosting service provider that you want to put multiple domains in your account.

While setting up the multiple domains feature, you need to create a root directory at the first place and then create separate folders or directories for each website you want to host. With the help of the control panel, you can add all the domains to your hosting account. For instance, if you would like to upload two different websites, you need to create two separate folders under root directory for each of these two websites.

How Does It Work?
The working procedure is really simple for multiple web hosting. However, you need to configure the domain names appropriately. You have to upload some redirecting code under your root directory, so that when a user makes a query about particular domain, the end result shows the appropriate domain to the user instead of any other domains hosted under the same account name.

This implies that the search algorithm relies on the root folder accessibility in order to open the default page. This works due to the fact that the request goes directly to the root folder where you have already created two separate files for the default pages and there the search process will open the particular website depending on the request for the specific domain name.
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