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Property Investment in Inner City Brisbane

Jul 25, 2008
One would think that just because its sister cities, Melbourne and Sydney, are experiencing a sudden down turn in property and business growth that Brisbane would follow suit. However, just the opposite has happened. It seems that here in the late 1990's and early on in this century that her gorgeous coastlines and inner city culture has made Brisbane an ideal place for businesses, tourist and residents.


This is therefore an excellent market to invest in before it really takes off. If you happen to be interested in, or already specialize in investing in inner city properties or in property management, this is a great real estate market to be involved in. You shouldn't wait too long; this is the time to invest.

Brisbane has continues to attract new residents; this means that the rental property market is a growth industry in this city. You can get good deals on property, but you will need to attract and retain long term tenants to get the best possible return on your investment. To do this, you'll need a great property management firm on your side.

Sydney and Melbourne both experienced a plateau in their business growth as well as population in the 1980's; this was followed by an economic crisis in these cities which led quite a few of their residents to leave these cities for Brisbane.


Throughout the financial turmoil that affected Adelaide, Geelong and Perth, Brisbane was left relatively unscathed by the tumult. Rather than a boom as seen in other cities, Brisbane has seen steady, sustained growth in population and business, which has been the secret to its success since the 1980's. In fact, Brisbane now can boast of the highest growth rate in the nation and is the ideal place for Australian companies to do business today.

The continued inner city growth and beautiful coastlines make Brisbane an incredible place to have a business, visit or live. The economic growth of the city has created a real estate market ideal for investors interested in long term income potential.


Why do you need a property manager? Taking on a property manager can be one of the best investments you ever make; these are the talented professionals who will protect your real estate investment. You will not need to put in all of your time and effort into maintaining the property yourself, keep the property up to code and keep stable tenancies.

These property professionals will take care of essentials like making sure that your properties are fully rented and bringing in the income you need from the property. You need an experienced specialist who can take care of every aspect of maintaining your property.

A mediocre management firm and a great management firm are often hard to tell apart on the surface, especially if you're new to the game. Therefore, it is wise to shop around before signing on the line. You need a property manager that can communicate effectively, who really listens to what is being said and tries to come up with effective solutions that work for you and your goals, not that just cover the bottom line.

A very talented property manager will tell you about all of your management options from their firm. You will want to be aware if task management and portfolio management are included, as well as whether or not a proactive or reactive management strategy is practiced.

In other words, does the management team take the initiative to make sure the property is being treated properly by its tenants? Do they delegate tasks to several people in the firm? Or do they have a leader who manages the people and expertise but who heads up the battle front for you?

Look for experience, knowledge, guaranteed service, effective protocols for property management and good communication skills in a property management company. All of these aspects should be considered before signing anything; also make an instinctive judgment call and trust your gut.


The time is now if you are interested in making the most for yourself from the continued growth of Brisbane. The inner city is an ideal location for purchasing property which is leased by residential or business tenants. The economy of Brisbane is stable and has managed to weather the crises which have rattled other nearby cities. With talented management on your side, you can make sure that your wise investment in the city of Brisbane is well protected.
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Author: Paul T. Robertson stresses the importance of an experienced expert at property management. Visit the "InHousePropertyManagement" website for additional advice on capitalising on your property investments by consulting a professional.
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