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Top Ten Reasons To Write A Top Ten List Article

Jul 25, 2008
One of the most popular type of articles are the top ten lists and there are many good reasons to write one. In fact I have decided to make a listwith ten good reasons to make a top ten list.

1. Everybody Loves A Top Ten List
Top ten lists are easily one of the most popular article formats on the Internet. Some other formats are how tos, tips and assessments.

2. Top Ten Lists Are Easy To write
Really easy. Pick your topic, jot down ten numbers and write down ten facts about the subject. There are even entire sites devoted to these kinds of lists.

3. Top Ten Lists Are Easy To read
They are easy to read because it's such a strong format. It literally takes only a few seconds to get a good overview of the entire content. Another great thing is that you can take a break from reading it anytime. They are usually very short and have naturalbreak-off points.

4. You Can Write A Top Ten List In Ten Minutes
Well, you can! It's a simple matter of doing your research on the topic, jot down ten points and jot down two or three sentences for each of them.

5. Top Ten Lists Get A Lot Of Attention
There are lots of top ten lists on the Internet and there's a good reason. People love to read them, mail them to their friends and make posts about them in forums.

6. Top Ten Lists Give You Lots Of Traffic
Since a lot of people will be reading your top ten list the amount of traffic you get will be higher than for an ordinary article. Especially if it becomes a hit in the right web 2.0 circles.

7. Top Ten Lists Are Easy To Research
Do a Google on a the topic you want to write about and you can find ten good points in a few minutes. In fact many of the page titles you see on the first couple of pages will probably be good points to include. Just make sure you rewrite them a bit.

8. You Can Turn Your Brainstorming Session Into A Top Ten List Article In Minutes
Do you brainstorm your articles? If you do you can take the things you've jotted down and turn them into a top ten list. Just add a few sentences to each and you're good to go.

9. You Can Make A Top Ten List As Long As You Want
I've been talking about top ten here, but there's really no limit to the number of points you can have. You should probably avoid anything less than three though and anything over a hundred gets long really fast.

10. Top Ten Lists Are Cool
Yup, top ten lists are just plain cool. Everybody loves them and that's unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

That's all for this top ten list. Next I think I'll do a "how to" article on making "how to" articles. Seriously though, top ten list articles are extremely popular and they are easy to write so there's really no excuse.
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