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Email Marketing- How To Write Emails That Really Sell

Jul 25, 2008
Email marketing can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. If used incorrectly it's mediocre at best. One of the main roadblocks many people have is how to write magnetic email promotions that actually convert.

This article is going to show you how to write emails that grab attention and arouse desire in your readers.

First of all, before we begin. Remember this: your emails must be focused directly on the wants and needs of your list. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see through their eyes. This is the only way to truly target the wants of your subscribers. Failing to remember this point will greatly diminish your email marketing efforts.

Here are some dynamite ways to excite your readers and make them buy.

1. Start with an attention grabbing subject line. Nothing else will matter if you don't get your prospect to at least open your email. You don't stand a chance if they just glance at it then delete it. Think of the single biggest benefit your reader can expect from opening your message. What end result will they achieve? Once you find this main benefit, your subject line will practically write itself. Simply distill the benefit into a quick, clear subject line. That's not so hard, is it?

2. Now that you've gotten your message opened, you need to maintain the interest and momentum to keep them reading. This is best accomplished by expounding on the benefit promised in the subject line. Make a clear case that proves you can deliver on the benefit promised. Keep the reader moving towards your call to action by showing end results and benefits.

3. One thing that will immediately turn off many would be buyers is too dense of text. Big half page chunks of dark text will turn off many readers instantly. They'll simply close the message right away because it looks too intimidating. Luckily, this is easy to avoid. Make sure to include plenty of "white space" to give your message an airy feel. Use slightly larger spacing between lines and larger borders. This makes your message look much nicer and easier to read.

4. Use short sentences. I can't stress this enough. Long sentences bore readers. They also lack the punch and power of clean, clear, short sentences. Edit your messages ruthlessly; cutting every word that isn't absolutely necessary. This will drastically boost the conversion power of any email you send out. Be sure to keep your paragraphs short to.

Try these powerful tactics on your next email promotion and get ready for a serious response. It's wonderful what a little clear, benefit rich writing can do for your email campaigns.

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