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Optimize Your Site Using Keywords for Search Engine Ranking

Jul 25, 2008
SEO (search engine optimization) is a necessary method for bringing visitors to your website. People searching for your site will not likely find it unless it is listed on the first three to five pages of a search engine. Using search engine optimization will bring your site nearer to the top of the rankings.

Applying SEO

You may want to pay a professional to do SEO on your website or you can manage it yourself. If you have a large website that you believe is going to be profitable, you might want to spend the money necessary for professionals to create and optimize your website. You can certainly do the optimization on a small to medium website yourself. All you need are some knowledge about SEO and intermediate internet skills. It is not as difficult as it sounds but will really bring your website into the first few pages of the search engines.

You can get links that point back to your site by writing a lot of articles and submitting each one to a lot of article directories. If you have an interesting website with lots of good content, other websites may ask to use your content on their own sites -- including a link back to yours. You may also want to pay other webmasters to place your link in strategic areas of their web pages. Their visitors will click on those links and visit your site. Of course, you'll also get the back-link to bring you up in the search engine rankings.

Make sure that your Meta tags are correctly displayed is another factor in effective SEO.web page should have a title based on the main keywords, and the meta description must also contain them. When somebody does a search, the meta tag description is what he or she will look at to see if it it contains the information that is looked for. The more descriptive your keywords and description, the more visitors you will get.

Another way to implement SEO is with well-written content. You can use pictures and videos, but your site will still need to have actual textual content. Search engines won't recognize audio and video files as useful content, even though your visitors will. The SE's can only read text so be sure you have adequate text content for them. Then, you can add pictures and videos for "real" visitors.

The "Do Nots" of SEO

Although keywords are necessary for good page rank, don't use them repeatedly. This is considered spamming and will hurt you rather than help you. Too many people are using keyword stuffing for their sites as the "powers that be" are wise to them.

Do not use text colors that are the same as the color of your page background. People who use this tactic are only hurting their site ranking and their profits. This may have worked in the past, but it definitely won't work now.

Don't try to cheat the system by using your own (or other websites') content on multiple pages of your site. This did work at one time but the search engines are now smarter than that. You site will be penalized for having duplicate content. And, if you use another website's content, you could be charged with plagerism.

Using keywords that make no sense to the topic of a website is another way webmasters have tried to cheat the system. They place a large list of keywords at the bottom of the web pages. They believe the spiders will find them and rank their site for more words. Not true. You might just get your site banned instead.
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