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How To Get Past A Loss Of Words

Jul 25, 2008
It happens to the best of them, authors and writers come to a point in their writing that the words just do not come. It seems that no matter what the article, report or book is simple at an unavoidable standstill. This is known as writers block and luckily there are ways of getting past it. Here are some of the easiest:

1) Thorough research
2) Keep it simple
3) Take a break
4) Inspire yourself
5) Walk away

I have talked to many writers that say getting started is the toughest part. To that I say preparation is key. I have found that if you have personal knowledge of a subject a quick read of a pre-written article can spur your writing skills along the proper course. You may find things that you agree with so you can expand on the ideas or you may not agree with the writer so you can write about the varying view points on the given topic.

If on the other hand you are writing an article on a topic that you are not familiar with then it is your job to do some research prior to attempting the feat. I cannot tell you how much is enough. Research until you are confident that you have enough information for your article plus more, research until you are bursting with information and cannot wait to write about it.

The more complicated you make your work the more difficult it will be to come up with the proper wording. I try to write as if I am talking with a friend. I sometimes give the advice that you should write as if you are talking with your best friend, but that may not be the absolute best advice. Consider how you talk with your best friend.

It is important that your articles are written in a professional sense, the use of proper grammar and spelling does count. But use words that the average person would understand, unless of course, your document is directed toward a professional group about a technical subject.

When you hit one of those roadblocks it is wise to take a break. I do not mean it is time to go watch a two-hour movie or go out dancing, I am simply saying that you might benefit from grabbing a cup of coffee or spending 15 minutes with a loved one or a pet. I have found a whole list of things that I can do in 15 minutes that offer a break from my writing. Often a short break is all I need.

It is amazing that more writers do not do this; you should ensure that the space that you most often write in, your creative area is inspiring. This does not mean that other people will walk in and feel inspired to write or create only that the area is inspiring to you. Decorate your little corner in a way that is pleasing to you. If you like fresh flowers you should consider adding a vase to your desk. If you love music you should ensure that music is a part of the area. Whatever it is that you enjoy, whatever it is that would make your space a creative space, that is what you should add to your writing area.

Even with all these little tips and tricks in place there may still come a time that you simply cannot find the right words. You may absolutely find that you are stumped. My suggestion is that you walk away. That is right, put that document to the side for the day or even for days and then come back to it. Getting stressed and frustrated over one article is not worth it. Move on.

Chances are that when you come back to the document you will find either the perfect words to continue or you will decide to change something else that creates a magical flow of the document. If not, leave it for yet another time.

Sometimes finding the right words seems impossible; however, in most cases the strategies outlined in this article will get you through writers block. Here is a quick recap of the basics:

1 Know your subject
2 Do not complicate things
3 Be willing to take breaks or even walk away
4 Add inspiration to your life
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