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Adding Alternative Home Care Products to Your Therapeutic Lines

Jul 25, 2008
When practicing in therapeutics, many homeopaths, nutritionists, and holistic therapists aim to provide the best experience for their clients through the addition of alternative home care products to their therapeutic lines. These retail products can be used to support the given therapies to complete the regime of well being care. If you aren't currently stocking alternative therapy retail products now might be time to consider how beneficial it can be for both your clients as well as the bottom line!

With the media frenzy in the world today, CDs, DVDs, eBooks and audio books in MP3 format are all fantastic possibilities as alternative therapy retail products choices. Facial creams and shampoos needn't be the only option for adding to your sales. Through audio and video care, the therapy given to a patient or client can extend far beyond the office setting. Collaborative care has been shown to be the best choice for patients in a therapeutic setting and these medias will help to create a combination setting for the best possible end results.

Aromatherapy is yet another alternative to the traditional facial products most therapists stock. Selling holistic therapy products such as scented oils, candles, and home and body sprays can help to ease tension and stress.

By the way... if this isn't something you are familiar with, aromatherapy is the art of using the 90 essential oils as a part of calming therapies. These 90 essential oils are not the same as the fragrant oils sold on the market today, so marketing a true essential oil will require a bit of research before applying the name "aromatherapy" to your product! Once again, knowing your product is essential.

Another idea to think about is products books and printed supplements... When a therapist combines verbal therapy with printed therapy it gives the patient or client the opportunity to continue therapy at their own pace after leaving the office or practice. This form of self controlled therapy when combined with in person therapy can reap large rewards for the patient.

The books chosen can be written either by yourself or by others in the same field of care. When choosing the books to offer to your patients, it is best to choose an author that feels the same way about holistic and alternative therapies as you feel. This will boost the patient along the paths you are setting as a care giver.

The key to marketing alternative home care products is to think of angles to complete your current therapeutic choices with your patients and clients. Whole forms of therapy are idealistic in that they provide continuous support for the patient or client at a self guided pace. Books, eBooks, audio books, essential oils, candles, nutritional supplements, home sprays and body sprays are just a few of the alternative home care products available to supplement your current patient offerings.

Have a think about what you can be offering your clients that will both add to the results they see after their appointment with you and that will also benefit your business financially. There are literally hundreds of options. The key to success is to ensure it's a win-win scenario. For the highest sales whatever you stock needs to be of benefit to your clients as well as being something that you are enthusiastic about and that will add profit to your bottom line.
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