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Steer Clear of Wholesale Harry's Super Drop Ship Wholesale Emporium (and similar wholesale scams)

Aug 17, 2007
In today's installment of "Proven Techniques that Top Retailers Use to Connect with REAL Wholesalers" we're going to discuss yet another wholesale scammer - The Super Drop Ship Wholesale Product Emporium. You know the kind of business I'm talking about - those super membership emporiums that say they'll drop ship a variety of different products to your customers. They generally market themselves to eBay sellers, but unfortunately there's little to be made on eBay using these suppliers. Too many other people are trying to use them, their products just aren't that popular, and their prices aren't really wholesale, so there's little to no room for profit.

Thousands of businesses on the web are presenting themselves as drop shippers, when the fact is that they're nothing more than middlemen for the one big drop shipper through whom they're working. Most don't sell to every niche, but combined they all sell the same exact merchandise as Major Drop Ship Wholesaler, only at much higher prices.

The fact is that they're just overpriced middlemen for the Major Drop Ship Wholesaler. Their inventory is made of Major Drop Ship Wholesaler's same 4,000 general merchandise products that span the spectrum of tastes - mostly bad ones, unfortunately. You'll find many cheap home decor and generic consumer electronics items, mainly imported through China and Pacific Rim countries.

You can sign up with these companies immediately and start selling their merchandise - for a healthy fee of course. This is Glaring Clue #1 that you're dealing with a shady business. No real wholesaler will charge you a fee to join their distribution channel. The profit they make through sales should be enough for them.

Glaring Clue #2 that you're dealing with a not so ethical business is that they'll sell you their merchandise instantly. Real wholesalers require that you pass their registration process and meet certain requirements, so you obviously wouldn't be able sell merchandise from a legitimate wholesaler instantly. If they don't require an application that verifies you are purchasing for a licensed business, they are 100% absolutely not real wholesalers.

The real reason that they charge their exorbitant fee is that their products are nearly impossible to sell. We're talking about generic, imported, trinket-type of merchandise. Really low-quality stuff here. To make matters worse, because it is so easy to sign up with this company and start selling their stuff, everyone is out there trying to sell this impossible to peddle garbage.

Unfortunately, the only person making any profit is the middleman. You're almost forced by your competitors to sell merchandise at or below your cost and the middleman is chewing up all of the profit that HIS wholesale prices will give him.

This is obviously not a very fair deal for you, the merchant, and it blares of a lack of ethics on the scammer's part. For this very reason, I encourage you to steer clear of these unscrupulous sellers. If nothing else, be extremely skeptical and ask all of the right questions before you hand over a credit card or send them a check. You'll be thankful that you weren't impulsive this time.
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