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Ways To Market A Home Business Offline

Jul 25, 2008
If you are putting a lot of effort into marketing your home business on the Internet, you might want to take a step back and consider off-line marketing. There is a huge market of people who really do not spend much time online. Are you addressing this market?

Certainly the benefit of marketing on the Internet is you can reach millions of people quickly. You generally cannot do that with off-line marketing.

However with off-line marketing, you can target your market from a local aspect. If you subscribe to the theory that people still like to buy from people then doing local marketing makes a lot of sense if you have a home business.

This gives you a chance to interact with your prospects in a way that you might not be able to do online. For example, if somebody replies to an ad that you're running for a home business you can more easily converse about things going on within that local market.

Things like the weather, the local economy, something that made the news that day, and so on. You might even have common acquaintances such as a relative or friend!

Marketing your business offline is simple with things like business cards, classified ads in newspapers, flyers in a local neighborhood, speaking at Rotary club meetings, running radio ads, or even taking out a TV ad in a small community.

Or if you know something about Internet marketing, you will have a huge advantage over the type of people that will be replying to these ads. Not only can you offer them a home business opportunity, you can also offer to teach them how to combine off-line and Internet marketing to make money.

Think about the power of that! There are literally millions of people trapped in rural areas where they have no opportunities to make money! As a matter of fact many of these small towns pay minimum wage and do not offer benefits.

If you can show them a business opportunity they can work from home and make a couple extra hundred dollars a month you could become a local hero. I am not overstating this because there is a market here for people who are not presently being reached in areas just like this.

In summary, let me just say you want to try marketing your home business off-line. This presents a huge opportunity for you to help people and make money at the same time.
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