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Why Your Autoresponder Is Your Most Beloved Internet Tool

Jul 25, 2008
I recently noticed in a discussion forum where somebody had posted they wish they had 25 hours in their day to build their Internet business. We have all probably felt like that at one time or another because there is just so much to do.

The real key to taking your Internet business to the next level is not to work harder or even longer, but rather the key is to be smarter about the work that you are doing. Part of that includes automating virtually every function that you can on a daily basis.

For this reason, you will find that your autoresponder will become your most beloved Internet marketing tool. Can you imagine trying to contact several hundred, or even several thousand people, one person at a time?

If you were a business person in days gone by you know exactly what I am talking about and how hard that was to do.

That is how it used to be done in the old days of direct mail marketing. Over time companies begin to provide bulk mail, which made it much easier for businesses to promote their products.

One problem that every small business had however was how to get back with your existing customers. I have been in offices where a business had files of literally thousands of customers that they were not keeping in contact with.

This is never a problem on the Internet as long as you are capturing your prospects names and email addresses for future follow-up. This contact information goes directly into an autoresponder where you are now able to keep in touch with them whenever you want.

If you are not a minute sure how autoresponder words, you definitely want to Google search the words "how to use an autoresponder", and then spend a little time reading some of the articles that come up.

The bottom line is, you can sit down and in a few minutes type one message to literally thousands of people and send it by hitting the click button. You certainly can get fancier as you understand how to use an autoresponder, by including things such as live links to various products you sell and even pictures and graphics.

But that's not nearly as important as getting your list going and keep in touch with it via your autoresponder. Once you master this technique you will understand why your autoresponder is your most beloved Internet marketing tool.
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