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What It Takes To Succeed With An Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
Ninety five percent of those who take part in online marketing ventures or programs fail! So why is there such a high failure rate and what are the other five percent doing differently? There are a number of reasons for such a great failure rate and one of those is high expectations. When surfing the internet people needing or wanting that extra income see the websites offering these opportunities stating that you can make thousands of dollars monthly working from home. They then decide to take part and after a month or two of not making the income that was stated they get discouraged, quit and blame the program or worse yet label it a scam.

The truth is there are very few scams online and for the most part it is possible to make the kind of income these websites say you can make. Most people fail because they lack the knowledge and skills required to successfully promote an online business opportunity. It simply is not enough to join a program that offers a free website and put a couple banners up or run it through some traffic exchange programs and expect to make any kind of real money. Just like a traditional business model you need to let people know you exist and are offering something they may want or need. This is done by advertising with many different paid media types such as classified ads, ezine solo ads, opt in emails, interstitials, pay per click advertising through programs such as Adsense and Adbrite.

There are also many forms of free promotion such advertising through blogs and article writing. Both of these are extremely effective methods but they will not drive visitors to your website overnight. This brings us to yet another reason why people fail with these opportunities and that is because they do not allow enough time for their promoting and advertising to start producing results before they quit and this usually takes a minimum of three to six months.

High expectations, lack of promotional knowledge or skills and quitting before you even get started. In my opinion these three factors are the main reasons why people fail with online business opportunities. If you want to be successful in these ventures learn all you can about advertising and promotion before you even join a program by first purchasing any quality reading materials you can find on the subject. Then find a suitable program to implement what you have learned and most importantly give it time and I can assure you that all your time and effort will pay off.
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Joe Russell is the owner of Proven Income Plans a website dedicated to online business and business resources. Joe has been successfully involved in online business for over 8 years you can visit his site at: http://www.provenincomeplans.com
Joe also writes exclusive articles on internet marketing and business. Joe Russell may be contacted at support@provenincomeplans.com.
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