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How Important Are Article Directories

Jul 25, 2008
One of the most effective forms of marketing a home business on the Internet is article marketing. Article marketing is basically where you market your business by writing and submitting articles to article directories for publication.

Let's take a look at how important article directories are to the success of your article marketing campaign.

We often say that if you build the best website in the world and never get any traffic to it you would never make any money. The same can be said for writing articles!

If you write a fantastic article, and nobody ever reads it, how can that benefit your business? The answer is it can't, and this is why article directories are so important to the overall success of your article marketing campaign.

It is a proven fact that you are better off to submit a well written article to a handful of highly visited directories then you are to submit it to hundreds of directories that nobody visits. Think about that statement for just a minute.

There is a reason why directories such as Ezinearticles.com, Searchwarp, Go Articles, and various others get the bulk of the action when it comes to article submissions. The bottom line is these directories are highly visited each day by both authors and publishers as well.

These articles are picked up by search engines, which give you an excellent chance to drive traffic from those. They are also picked up by website masters who are looking for content for their websites.

You might find your article on somebody's blog just because they found it in an article directory. Equally as impressive is the number of articles that are used for various e-mail newsletters known as ezines.

This really gives you a chance to clean up on the traffic because every article published in a highly red ezine is potential traffic to you that you do not pay for. Purchasing a solo ad in somebody's ezines could very well cost you several hundred dollars.

Again, this is all made possible because people are finding your articles in article directories. Therefore, for every article that you write you want to get it submitted in as many unique forms as possible.

You may want to consider an article submission service such as submit your article, which has a program that allows you to rewrite your articles and get them into the top directories, all with a unique version of one original article.

In conclusion article directories are very important and you want to get your best articles into the best directories!
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