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Not Writing Articles Is Costing You Money!

Jul 25, 2008
No matter what the nature of your business is, you need to advertise in order to make the public aware of your product or service. An advertising campaign can also help to establish a brand for your company. If yours is a startup, this is especially important, and you may be asking yourself "what is an effective, yet low cost way to begin?"

If you have a new business though, you may not know what advertising or marketing methods will be both good at making a name for your company and cost effective. In the online business world, competition is fierce. It's all too easy to get lost in the crowd. However, there is a way for your company to stand out from all of the competition, and it can be accomplished with relative ease (and at low, even no cost!).

Consider why people turn to the web in the first place. When you, personally, go online, what are you looking for? Nine times out of ten, the answer is information. You want to learn more about a given topic, including when you're thinking about making a purchase, right? Online, most purchases are preceded by a search for information.

To provide this kind of information to people, you can write articles. Write what you know about - your business. You need to write articles that are informative and entertaining to read, so as to capture and retain the attention of readers. By creating content along these lines, you will quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field, leading people to look to you as a trusted source of information and recommendations. People are far more likely to make a purchase from a source that they trust or one that has been recommended by an authority on a given topic.

After you write your articles, you need to get them distributed. The best way to do this is to submit them to some of the many online article directories. There are niche directories focused on various industries. Try to find one in your field. This will make it more likely that your articles will be picked up for publication on other sites.

Once you write your articles, the next step is to get them out there on the web where people can read them. You can and should certainly place them on your own website, but to get a wider readership for your articles, submit them to some of the many article directories online. If you can find a directory that caters to your niche, definitely include this directory in your "submit to" list. Other sites can then pick these articles up for use on their own sites. How does this help you? Simple - following each article, you can place a resource box that includes a short bio and a link to your website.

All the best of luck to you in your article writing campaign!
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