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International Shipping of Personal Belongings

Jul 25, 2008
International shipping of personal belongings, or international moving, is an industry that grows as the world shrinks. As personal transportation gets faster and more accessible and countries open their borders to immigration and trade, the international shipping industry takes on the task of moving home furnishings and personal items to new homes in a variety of different countries.

International shipping of personal items is slightly different than shipping large cargos for commercial purposes. When you make the choice to move to another country for either a short or long term stay it is important to be selective about what you take with you. Take that box that goes from house to house with you that never gets unpacked and throw it away. Sort through any other belongings and decide what you'll really need and what you can purchase overseas. International shipping is expensive so you should only take necessary items with you.

When you are searching for an international shipping company to move your personal belongings make sure that they have experience in the destination country. There are always regulations for what you can and cannot bring into a foreign nation and your international shipping company needs to be aware of what they are. Sending one item that is restricted could result in your entire shipment being held up or even seized by Customs officials.

Another question that you need to ask yourself is what method of international shipping to use to get your belongings to your new home. If you are moving from the United States to Canada you can ship by truck or railroad, but if you're moving across an ocean you will need to use sea or air international shipping. Air freight is faster but more expensive. International shipping by boat is the most common and affordable way to do it. Find out where the nearest port of entry is to your new home and find an international shipping company that can transport your belongings there and overland to the final destination.

The overland portion of your international shipping venture must be handled with care and should be included in the price of shipping. An exception to this is the shipment of individual or small quantities of personal belongings. These should be sent with a courier company like Fed-ex or DHL or delivered to the customs clearing house where you can pick them up yourself. Economizing is important when you ship overseas because costs can add up quickly if you're not careful.

Regardless of how you do it, international shipping of your personal belongings is necessary if you are moving to a new country. A corporate or residential relocation will be less stressful if you hire a company that has experience handling international moves to the country you are going to. Taxes, tariffs, routes, packing, loading and unloading can all be handled by professionals and you can truly enjoy the experience of moving to a new place and savor the new culture and surroundings without the hassle of worrying about you personal belongings.
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