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International movers and Round Trip Moves

Jul 25, 2008
Round trip moves are moves that involve going to a new location for business or personal reasons and then coming back after a specific period of time has elapsed. They are very common in business when people travel overseas for a contract position. International movers generally have packages available for round trip moves that usually include a discount if you use the same international movers for both portions of the journey.

Finding international movers for a round trip move is a more involved process than just hiring someone to move you one way. International movers that do round trips normally have offices in both your country of origin and the country that you are moving to. If you are going to a destination like Great Britain or the United States where there is a lot of traffic going back and forth you will have a much better chance of finding international movers that can help you. If you are moving to a remote location where international travel is not too frequent then you may have difficulty finding international movers for either direction. In this case you might be better off taking only belongings that you can carry with you.

The search for round trip international movers begins on the internet. Open up your browser and put the words international movers into the search box. You might also want to add a comma and put in the point of origin and the destination country. If you're lucky the search engines will read it correctly and give you a list of international movers that have offices in both countries.

Once you have a short list, check the websites of each company and see if they have round trip or corporate packages. You can also search through corporate relocation specialists who arrange round trip moves on a regular basis. Get the number of qualified companies down to about half a dozen and then begin making phone calls to get additional information.

The questions that you need to ask at this point should be very specific. You want to know if the international movers that you are calling actually do round trip moves and if there is a discount involved if you use them for both directions. Ask how much you need to pay up front and be very careful with companies that want both ends paid for in advance. International movers that are established should have payment plans available if time is going to pass in between moves. You don't want to get stuck if your assignment gets extended or if you decide to stay permanently.

Ask for references and verify liability insurance on both ends. Keep in mind that on the move back your belongings will be transported from another country where the original insurance policy may not be valid. For best results, find international movers that have offices near both of your homes, the original one and the one that you are moving to. This will save you time and money and help with accountability if something goes wrong.
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