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How To Spot The Paid Survey Danger Signs

Aug 17, 2007
Working from home is just about everyone's ideal scenario today. Do a search online for work from home programs and the possibilities are endless. Paid surveys have provided many people the opportunity to earn some extra cash working from the comfort of their own home today yet, they are still viewed with some suspicion. Why?

Undoubtedly there are "bad eggs in every basket" and paid survey opportunities are no different. Sort "the wheat from the chaff" and in all honesty, they can be an amazing way to earn excellent part time money for little work. So what are the things to watch out for when considering whether to join a paid survey site?

One of the most obvious areas to watch out for are sites you need to join for a fee. In most cases, all you are paying for is the privilege of a list of companies which you can easily obtain from free-to-join directories. My advice is steer clear of these type of programs.

Paid Survey Danger Signs

Be very wary of sites offering outdated information. How do you tell if information is not current? Well, mostly you will need to use your own judgement but a little research online should help you decipher the good information from the bad. Paid survey forums are an excellent source of information. You can also do a search online for scam forums. If there is something you are not sure about then post a question.

If a site has non-working links then it's normally a safe bet that the site is a fair risk. By having non-working links could mean the site is not very well maintained and in some instances, may even have been abandoned. Common sense will tell you that a well run, professional and honest survey site is right up to date and maintained on a regular basis.

If a site is offering what I term as exhorbitant amounts of money to take a survey then it may be a sign to "run a mile." Some have offered hundreds of dollars plus incentives such as expensive products to take a survey. Ask yourself why? Why would you need a massive incentive just to take a survey that is only going to take you a few minutes to complete. Doesn't make sense.

Be on the lookout for a support section. If there is none then give it a wide berth. A strong support base is the foundation of any business opportunity that requires you to work on your own from home. Working from home sounds great but there are times when you will need assistance or even a little motivation and if you cannot get any then find a survey site that will provide it. This also applies to contact information; if there is none... run. If there is some form of contact information but you still have suspicions, test it and see whether you will get a response.

Finally, read reviews but learn to sort the independent reviewers from program associates. You are looking for an unbiased report and if a totally independent review gives a program "the thumbs up" then it gives you a great starting point. Even better, if a paid survey review is written from somebody who has completed a particular program and that person can answer your questions, again, it's a good sign.

Paid surveys can be a profitable experience. There have been many horror stories which in many instances, may have been avoided by some simple due diligence by those affected. Earn money and have fun doing it; that's what a paid survey experience should be.
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