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Jul 26, 2008
If you're looking around for a certain piece of software to make your life a little bit easier, then you're in luck! There are countless ones to download or buy, as well as a multitude of places to do so. Depending on what you're searching for you can most likely find it for free online by going to Google. Some of my favorite sites to go to for free software programs are Download dot com as well as FreeWareHome dot com. Both of these sites offer what is known as Freeware programs.

Freeware allows you to download a program free of charge and there are usually no stipulations as to what is enabled/disabled as well as how long you can use the software. This is always nice when you don't want to pay for a program but you also want all the options that is in the original program. The opposite of Freeware is something called Shareware and it usually entitles you to a trial offer and sometimes they disable certain options within the program unless you are willing to pay for the program.

The other type of software that is available for online purchasing are the ones that you would buy on sites such as Amazon, EBay, OfficeDepot, and BestBuy. These programs will be sent directly to your location of choice and will include a disk of some sort, usually a CD because nowadays floppies are non existent! If you're finding the prices at these stores to be a little unbearable you can also check out some other stores online that still carry brand name programs, but they just aren't brand name stores.

Here are some popular software programs that you might be interested in for your home, office, home office or something else altogether:

Norton Internet Security 2008
Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe 2008
CorelDraw Graphics Suite X3 (full version)
Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Adobe Photoshop (6.0)
Quicken 2008

Downloading software programs online is incredibly easy, and fast but once in a blue moon I choose to actually receive the program in hand because it's nice to also be able to have the disc in case anything ever happens to your computer and you need to reinstall the program again! Some download sites that pay will have you on record and will allow you to make a certain number of downloads because they know that sometimes computers are known to give up and just go kaput. But again this isn't a guarantee! Make sure you check with the site you're downloading or buying from always!

If you're searching for more sites to download programs from for free or paid, or you're searching for other websites online that will actually send you a CD through the mail, go to Google and type in the following keywords or something like it, "Download Freeware Online," "Download Shareware Online", "Buy Software Programs Online", "Buy Software Online" or you can search for the exact phrase such as "Buy Quicken Online."
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