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Strategic Planning: Always Be Prepared

Jul 26, 2008
What is the celebrated saying about Boy Scouts? They are always prepared. Forethought, goal setting, and thorough planning are part of everything they do. That is a lesson that should carry over into most facets of a person's adult life. Flying by the seat of your pants is no way to go through life, and it is absolutely no way to run a business. Successful managers and executives need a hefty toolbox full of skills to juggle all the responsibilities that come with the position.

Strategic planning tools can translate into triumph in the business arena. The same things scoutmasters tell their boys figure prominently in the courses taught at the Caltech Integrated Relations Center. Their impressive course list includes such topics as negotiating, forming strategic alliances, pricing, marketing in other countries, new product development, and using technology, to name a few. Training executives to take these skills back to their companies is their passion.

Today's managers, executives, and CEOs live in a rapidly changing world. Success means comprehending everything from the implications of the emergence of China as a huge market presence to the abilities of modern technology, not only in research and development but in communications, marketing, and integrating innovative ideas.

Learning to set strategic goals and make plans for implementing them that involve all the divisions within your company vastly improves function and streamlines operations. When research and development, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing work together effectively, the results are evident in growing sales, expanded market shares, and well-served customers.

Employing strategic planning skills as a normal part of your businesses regimen makes sense. The vision to capably manage a company will only take you so far without the tools to outline strategies for reaching your goals and getting everyone on board with you. The biggest part of every business success story rests in someone's brilliance at driving creative and savvy planning.
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